Prophetic warnings for America

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of Independence, and on July 4, 1776, the original thirteen colonies of the United States of America adopted the Declaration of Independence. From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence with festivities that include family gatherings, barbecues, and fireworks.

          We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men (mankind) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. 

Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

America was founded on the principals of Life, Liberty and Justice for ALL. But how FAR she has fallen in these 246 years since the Declaration of Independence. In these 246 years, America has violated her own principals many times, through slavery, oppression, murder of the unborn, and a justice system that often works for SOME and not for ALL. The only thing that has held America to the values that she once professed is her Christian roots. Abolitionists, inspired by their Biblical understanding of human rights, worked tirelessly to establish the Underground railroad that helped slaves ESCAPE to FREEDOM. American values were “God, family, country”, “in God we TRUST”, and “One nation under God”. However, America is no longer the nation she USED to be. Her crown of glory has slipped, her Biblical values eroded. Even the Church has embraced things that are condemned in the Bible. Because of this apostasy, we see a spirit of confusion on the land, where American politicians cannot even define what is a “woman”. There is sexual deviancy and indoctrination being taught in the public-school systems. The list goes on.

Fewer in U.S. Now See Bible as Literal Word of God (

The current multi-year drought across the West is the most extensive and intense drought in the 22-year history of the U.S. drought monitor

As a result, there is now a record drought in the Western part of the United States. There has been flooding, violent storms, tornadoes, massive hurricanes, and devastating forest fires. There have been mass shootings, violence in the streets, and families being ripped apart at the seams. At the same time, there has been a manmade global pandemic that is still on-going, forced lockdowns and vaccinations, a fraudulent Presidential election and runaway inflation. God has been trying to get this nation’s attention so that she would turn back to JESUS and her CHRISTIAN ROOTS. Has America listened? Has the world listened?

Is America, and the world on the edge of destruction?? 😱

Jeremiah 12:17 – “But if any nation will not hear and obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, says the Lord.

The wording in the original Hebrew of this verse (Jeremiah 12:17) is that of a gardener plucking up a weed by the entire root system to destroy itGod has regularly destroyed nations in this most thorough manner in history and will do so again in the near future.

One of the greatest lies Satan has been able to spread far and wide in America (and the world) today is the notion that what people do in private is of no concern to anyone else.  The practice of homosexuality is based upon this premise, as is fornication and pornography How many times have we heard, “Consenting adults …”

Yet, the Bible tells a far different story.  The Bible says that God assigns a national morality that is based on the collective actions of its people, and especially of its leaders. Time and time again in Israel’s Old Testament history, we see God railing against the sins of its people, and of the sins of its leaders.  Both these sins add up quickly in God’s thinking to a national morality . 

The once beautiful American nation has come down with a serious case of spiritual leprosy. (Leprosy numbs the extremities so that the person who has it does not feel anything; this is what causes the tissue damage. Without the pain sensation, people do things that they would never ordinarily do).

Disobedience to God’s commands has so numbed the American body that people today are committing the vilest sins, and not even realizing the damage they are doing to the nation, not to mention themselves. However…..God knows, and His patience with America is wearing thin.

Have you heard of Dumitru Duduman? Mr. Duduman is the man from Romania who prophesied in the 1980’s and 90’s about the burning of America. As a younger man, Dumitru was caught smuggling Bibles into Communist Romania and was beaten nearly to death.

Prophetic Warning to America. America will Burn! Dumitru Duduman

After being kicked out of his home country of Romania, Dumitru was called by god to warn America of its upcoming destruction. The sins of America had reached the Heavens. Dumitru Duduman called for NATIONAL REPENTANCE!

Hosea 4:6: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Since you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being My priest.
Since you have forgotten the Law of your God,
I also will forget your children.
The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me;
I will change their glory into shame.
They feed on the sin of My people,
And long for their wrongdoing.
And it will be, like people, like priest;
So I will punish them for their ways
And repay them for their deeds.

Dumitru asked the Lord…..”When will it happen?” God’s answered through His angelic messenger: “Tell the people of America that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3:8). If they will REPENT and TURN BACK to GOD, they will make it through the SECOND DAY to the THIRD DAY. If they DO NOT REPENT, they will NOT MAKE IT. It has been nearly 2000 years (two prophetic “days”) since Jesus began His ministry. The second day is nearly complete, and the THIRD DAY starts quickly.

For nearly forty years, God HAS BEEN calling America (and the world) to repentance. The question is….Have we listened? 💀

Prophetic Warning to America delivered by Dumitru Duduman, September, 1984

“One night, I could not sleep, the children were sleeping on the luggage. My wife and daughter were crying, I went outside and walked around. I didn’t want them to see me cry. I walked around the building, crying and saying, God! Why did you punish me? Why did you bring me into this country? (USA) I can’t understand anybody. If I try to ask anybody anything, all I hear is, “I don’t know.”

I stopped in front of the apartment and sat on a large rock. Suddenly a bright light 💡came toward me. I jumped to my feet because it looked as if a car was coming directly at me, attempting to run me down! I thought the Romanian Secret Police had tracked me to America, and now they were trying to kill me.💀 But it wasn’t a car at all. As the light approached, it surrounded me. From the light I heard the same voice that I had heard so many times in prison.

“He said “Dumitru, why are you so despaired?” I said, “Why did you punish me? Why did you bring me to this country? I have nowhere to lay my head down. I can’t understand anybody.”

“He said, “Dumitru, didn’t I tell you I am here with you, also? I brought you to this country because this country (USA) will burn.🔥” I said, then why did you bring me here to burn? Why didn’t you let me die in my own country? You should have let me die in jail in Romania! He said, “Dumitru, have patience so I can tell you. Get on this.” I got on something next to him. I don’t know what it was. I also know that I was not asleep. It was not a dream. It was not a vision. I was awake just as I am now.

He showed me all of California and said, “This is Sodom and Gomorrah! All of this, in one day it will burn🔥! It’s sin has reached the Holy One.”

California Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill That Would Legalize Infanticide –

Drug needles and feces line the streets of San Francisco | Daily Mail Online

The 7 Best Towns in California for LGBT Families (

Then he took me to Las Vegas. “This is Sodom and Gomorrah. In one day it will burn.”🔥

Then he showed me the state of New York. “Do you know what this is?” he asked. I said, “No.” He said “This is New York. This is Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn.” 🔥

New York abortion law changes allow infanticide | Article |

Then he showed me all of Florida, “This is Florida.” he said. “This is Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn.” 🔥

“Then he took me back home to the rock where we had begun. IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN! 🔥All of this I have shown you”

“I said, “How will it burn?” He said, “Remember what I am telling you, because you will go on television, on the radio and in churches. You must yell with a loud voice. Do not be afraid, because I will be with you.” I said, “How will I be able to go? Who knows me here in America? I don’t know anybody here.” He said, “Don’t worry yourself. I will go before you. I will do a lot of healing in the American churches and I will open the doors for you. But do not say anything else besides what I tell you. This country will burn!” 🔥

“I said, “What will you do with the church?” He said, “I want to save the church, but the churches have forsaken me😲.” I said, “How did they forsake you?” He said, “The people praise themselves. The honor that the people are supposed to give Jesus Christ, they take upon themselves. In the churches there are divorces. There is adultery in the churches. There are homosexuals in the churches. There is abortion in the churches and all other sins that are possible.” 😲

“Because of all the sin, I have left some of the churches. 😥You must yell in a loud voice that they must put an end to their sinning. They must turn toward the Lord. The Lord never gets tired of forgiving. They must draw close to the Lord and live a clean life.🧼 If they have sinned until now, they must put an end to it, and start a new life as the Bible tells them to live.” ✝️

“I said, “How will America burn?” America is the most powerful country in this world. Why did you bring us here to burn? Why didn’t you at least let us die where ALL the Dudumans have died?”

“He said, “Remember this, Dumitru. The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety – from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government.😲(January 6th??)”

The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico,,..” (He told me two other countries, but I didn’t remember what they were.) “…they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. When they explode, America will burn!”🔥

What will you do with the Church ⛪of the Lord? How will you save the ones that will turn toward you?” I asked.

“He said,Tell them this: how I saved the three young ones from the furnace of fire, and how I saved Daniel in the lions den, is the same way I will save them.💕

“The angel of the Lord also told me, “I have blessed this country (U.S.) because of the Jewish people who are in this country. I have seven million Jews in this country, but they do not want to recognize the Lord. They didn’t want to thank God for the blessing they received in this country. Israel doesn’t want to recognize Jesus Christ✝️. They put their faith in the Jewish people in America. But, when America burns, the Lord will raise China, Japan, and other nations to go against the Russians. They will beat the Russians and push them all the way to the gates of Paris. “

Over there they will make a treaty and appoint the Russians as their leaders. They will then unite against Israel. When Israel realizes she does not have the strength of America behind her, she will be frightened. That’s when she will turn to the Messiah for deliverance. That’s when the Messiah will come. Then, the church will meet Jesus in the air, and he will bring them back with Him to the Mount of Olives. At that time, the battle of Armageddon will be fought.”

“When I heard all of this I said, “if you are truly the angel of the Lord, and everything you have told me is true, then all you have said must be written in the Bible.” He said, “Tell everyone to read from Jeremiah 51:8-15, Revelation chapter 18, and Zechariah chapter 14, where Christ fights against those who possess the earth.”

After His victory,” the angel said, “there will be one flock and one Shepherd. There will be no need for light. The Lamb of God will be the Light. There will be no sickness, no tears, and no deaths. There will only be eternal joy and God will be the ruler. There will be only one language. Only one song. And no need for a translator!” …

And, Dumitru,” he continued, “a word of warning. If you keep anything from the American people that you are told, I will punish you severely.”

“How will I know that this is for real -that it will really happen?” I asked. “As a sign that I have spoken to you, tomorrow before you wake, I will send someone to bring you a bed, and at noon I will send you a car and a bucket of honey. After which I will send someone to pay your rent.” The next day someone brought Dumitru a bed, and at noon a car arrived with the bucket of honey. His rent was also paid, as God had promised him. Then the angel left.

Dumitru Duduman

Other people have prophesied of similar events to the ones that Dumitru Duduman saw. Many of them have also seen revival coming to America in the midst of the destruction. Do not be concerned that Dumitru seems to describe a post tribulation Rapture. Prophetic dreams and visions show us representations or shadows of what is to come, but they must be interpreted. Also, when we view a mountain range from the distance, everything is fuzzy. But as we get closer and closer, we begin to make out the trees, the rocks, the streams, and many more of the details.

TD Hale is Pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Gallipolis, Ohio.

The FIRST prophetic dream received by Pastor TD Hale regarding the future of America, December 28, 2011.

On December 28, 2011, I had been seeking the Lord for a Word to give to our assembly. I went to bed that night just like any other night. The Lord just really dealt with me in the middle of the night concerning things that were coming. “

“I certainly was shocked when I saw what I saw. In the dream I began to see myself going across America. I was floating, suspended in the air going across America. I had no fear about what I was seeing. Then all of a sudden I began to see bombs had landed everywhere. The land was totally destroyed.“😱

It looked like things were totally just wiped off, grass, trees, everything. Everything was gone, burned. 🔥There was nothing left. There was nothing on the trees. There was just total disaster. I don’t know if it was everywhere but it was everywhere that I could see, from the point I was at.”

When I saw this I saw people standing around their homes and things that were left, holding onto each other. I saw people that laid dead💀, and I heard the cries of the people saying, “This should never have happened, this should never have happened.”

😭😭😭” It was like they just kept saying it over and over again, “This should never have happened, oh Lord, this should never have happened.”

You could tell that life had changed. There was no food. There was no water. I could see babies crying, grownups, men all crying😭, holding onto their families. They were begging God for mercy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻As I moved along I saw people running, looking for their loved ones who were missing and they were completely, completely out of their minds. Insanity had taken over.”

I could see people slinging themselves off of bridges, committing suicide.💀 It was just so vivid what I could see.

“Then I came over a big city that looked like Columbus, Ohio. That is when all of a sudden I saw mass hysteria, riots and all kinds of things breaking out in the streets of the city. There were windows being busted. There were people just grabbing things left and right. But when I saw it, I did not see them grabbing things like TVs and electronics. They were grabbing food. They were grabbing chips. They were grabbing water. They were grabbing anything they could get in their hands to sustain their lives. It was all about survival.

The next part of the dream was the most startling for me. As I left that place, I was going like at the speed of light. I found myself standing on the backside of the White House. As I stood there I looked up. I heard a voice say, “Look up to the Truman balcony.” I knew what a balcony was, but I did not know the balcony had a name. I did not know that there was a Truman balcony until I later shared this with a friend who told me there is a balcony by that name at the White House. In my mind, I believe the Lord identified that to let me know that my dream was from the Lord.


“I saw the president of United States, President Obama (dream was in 2011), standing on the balcony and I saw in his hands a shotgun.😱 All of a sudden, to my left hand side I heard a loud scream, real loud. When I turned my head to see where the scream was coming from I saw flying high in the air was a majestic eagle 🦅 flying in the air around Washington DC. I knew that scream. I knew it was an eagle. (Represents USA)

I saw all of a sudden the president of United States point that shotgun and shot that eagle🦅 dead and it fell to the ground💀. When it did I looked back up at him and he just had a smile on his face like a smirk. And these were the words I heard in the dream, I’ve done it and I won’t have to deal with this in my administration.”😈

Then there was dead silence. Then I heard a voice say “Tell the people that this is my will, that this is my hand, this is the hand of the Almighty both upon the generation of the righteous and the cursed. The righteous✝️ will find their way and will know what to do. The cursed will wander around with no compass because the cup is full.” 💀

Pastor TD Hale

The fourth prophetic dream received by Pastor TD Hale regarding the future of America on November 24, 2012. TD Hale is pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Gallipolis, Ohio.

“This dream was given to me on November 24, 2012. In this dream I was immediately taken into the oval office. I was standing in the oval office looking at the President of United States (Barack Hussein Obama). It was so real that I felt like I could reach my hand out and touch the man. He was standing behind the desk. When I stood in front of him all of a sudden I heard a voice and I knew it was the voice of God. I heard the voice say, “Weep and howl for the misery that shall come shortly.

“Then all of a sudden I turned and when I turned I saw there on the floor of the oval office was that eagle🦅 that I saw him (President B O of the US in 2012) shoot back in the dream I had in December, 2011. I saw the president walk behind the desk with that same smirk, that same arrogant smirk on his face that he had on the Truman balcony in my other dream. “

“He came out from behind the desk and he walked over to the eagle and he put his foot on the neck of the eagle. 🦅Then at this point he bent down and he took it by its head and then he twisted it three times until the head of the eagle came off of its body. 💀Then at that point I heard a voice say, “The spirit of Rehoboam.”

“As I began to look at him again he (Then President B O) was dressed in all black. He had a black suit on, a black tie, a black shirt, black pants, everything was total black that I saw him wearing. Then as I was looking directly at him all of a sudden his chest cavity around his heart began to open up. His heart was exposed and as I was looking at his heart this thick black dark mist was swirling around his heart and I knew that God was letting me see the evil that is really in that man.”😈

“Now at this point he walked over to the desk and he picked up a gavel in his hand. The gavel was part wood and part stone. The handle was wood and the head of the gavel was stone. On the desk of the president of United States there is a document with these words written on it, “The final abomination.” He then hit the document on his desk with the gavel and when he hit this document on the desk then all of a sudden I felt a shaking. Honestly, I felt like my bed was shaking. Literally it was shaking and I could feel it. When he hit this document I shot up into the air and I was standing up above the White House.

Then an earthquake (shaking) hit Washington DC. Then I saw the earth open up and it went towards the Washington monument then towards the Jefferson Memorial. At that point I began to see an odd colored rain falling. It was the color of fire or something🔥. It started slowly coming down then it intensified little by little. It was coming down faster and faster until the waters started rising. As the waters started rising I went up higher into the atmosphere and I saw the map of the United States.”

“I could see the outline. The waters left Washington and began to flood across the whole United States. I saw them hit Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, until it completely went all across the United States. “ (Fire represents Judgment, the flood is likely symbolic, but could also be partially literal)

People began to scream😱 across the nation and all I could hear was a mournful sound. It was as if something had happened, a great loss, like if you went into a funeral home and somebody had passed away and you were very close to them. It was that kind of mournful sound. Even in my dream I thought about the days of Noah and what it must have felt like for the people who were outside of the ark when the flood came but they could not get in. They had not listened to the voice of Noah or to the voice of God when he had spoken to them. This is the thing. God is speaking to them one last time. He is speaking through, he is speaking through you, he is speaking through me, and some other ministers that I know. God is speaking.”

As I was in the air I saw America in this state of being covered with these flood waters. Then all of a sudden as I was suspended in the air I could see these beams of light quickly coming up out of the flood waters. Like at the speed of light they were quickly going up into the air. There were millions it looked like. Then at that moment I was taken higher above the earth and I could see the round earth and all over the earth I started seeing those lights shooting up all over the world. Then I came back down to the earth as if I was back at the beginning of this dream. Then I heard a voice say, The shifting has begun.” (Beams of light probably represent RESURRECTION/RAPTURE)

“At this point I was looking over the top, I was going across the top of several churches in America. These were mega-churches. I saw them as I was going across them from the top of one to the other. I saw the names of the churches and the names of their leaders. I heard a voice say, A breeding ground for sin for the people know not Me but they play around their golden calf.

Sin of the Golden Calf – Exodus 32

“I knew that we had entered into the time of the end. It will not be these large churches but it will be home prayer meetings where the saints will be gathering in secret and praying. This is going to get to the point where we are going to have to meet in secret. The days of persecution had come upon this generation.

“The Lord let me know a long time ago that there would be a remnant that would be called out. There would be a little here and a little there. Some of these mega-churches are not going to be around anymore. They are going to be shut down. God is going to have some people here and there who are going to be praying in secret. So speak in the last days because of the persecution that will come upon this generation.

At this point I was looking again at the homes. I knew that these people loved and served God with all of their heart.💕 I saw the homes of men and women that were gathered together in deep intercessory prayer across the nation and then I heard a voice say, “The season is upon this nation because you have set abomination before my eyes, I will set judgment before yours.”

“Then I asked the Lord, “When will this happen?”

I heard the voice answer, “After he is sworn in.” Then I woke up.

Pastor TD Hale

We just read two very serious prophecies regarding the judgment of the United States of America. Biblical confirmation of these prophecies can be found in Jeremiah 51:8-15, Revelation chapter 18,. America is in trouble. She has abandoned her Christian roots and has become part of Mystery Babylon, a haunt of jackals and unclean birds. She has been taken by the New World Order who has appointed an illegitimate President (JB) with Dementia who is being controlled by some very powerful and dangerous people. As we saw in Pastor TD Hale’s dream above, these people (Barack Obama and others) have a plan to completely DESTROY America. This may be shocking to hear, but we believe that these men speak truth, and that the Word of God confirms what they have been shown. The Bible tells us (Joel 2/Acts 2) that IN THE LAST DAYS, God would POUR OUT His SPIRIT over all mankind, and old men would dream dreams, young men would see visions…even on God’s maidservants (women), God would give dreams and visions.

Joel 2: It will come about after this
That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;
And your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
Your old men will have dreams,
Your young men will see visions.

29 And even on the male and female servants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

What comes next in the book of Joel? The sun will be turned into darkness, the moon into blood. Blood, fire and vapors of smoke….but with a PROMISE! EVERYONE who calls on the NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST will be SAVED!!!

Joel 2: I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth,
Blood, fire, and columns of smoke. 🔥
31 The sun will be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,

Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
32 And it will come about that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Will be saved;

By setting up NATO troops right on Russia’s border, the SORCERERS 😈(Chaldeans) who have taken over the United States and appointed an illegitimate President have PURPOSELY swatted at and angered the Russian Bear, causing him to come out of his slumber.

Putin Ally Says Punishing Russia Could Lead to Nuclear Annihilation (

“But the United States and their useless mongrels should remember the words of Scripture,” he added. “Judge not, lest you be judged; So that one day ‘the great day of His wrath will not come to their house, and who can stand?

Dimitri Medvedev, Russia’s deputy Security Council chairman 7/6/2022

Revelation 18: After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated from his glory. And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful birdFor all the nations have fallen because of the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich from the excessive wealth of her luxury.”

I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive any of her plaguesfor her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her offensesPay her back even as she has paid, and give back to her double according to her deeds; in the cup which she has mixed, mix twice as much for her. 

To the extent that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, to the same extent give her torment and mourning; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will never see mourning.’ For this reason in one day her plagues will comeplague and mourning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire🔥; for the Lord God who judges her is strong.

I have been praying for wisdom and revelation regarding the coming judgment of America AND these prophecies. On the morning of July 1, 2022, I awoke from a dream that also seemed to be a prophetic warning of judgment fire and God’s protection of those who believe in Jesus Christ and are living FOR HIM.


In this dream, judgment fire was raining down all around me🔥. I was not afraid at all. In the dream, raised my right hand over my head and began to twirl it like someone twirling a lasso. A large, clear shield, roof, or something like that appeared over my head. It was invisible to the naked eye, and yet somehow, I could “see” it. It was round, or circular, and very large and wide. Then, SHOUTING in a loud and authoritative voice....“PEOPLE OF GOD“…..GET UNDER HERE! (the shelter of God’s protection)!!!“. Outside of this circle or invisible protective shield, I saw panic, screaming, and people disappearing or dying in the fire. The scene thankfully wasn’t graphic, but I could see glimpses or shadows of people running and screaming. I saw fire raining down🔥, and then people just disappeared or were dying. It was chaos. It was sheer chaos. But under the invisible overhead shield, roof, or shelter, there was peace and calm – and PROTECTION. Not many people seemed to hear me, but some did, and came under the shelter. They filtered in. The size of the shelter would increase as there was need. I understood that unbelievers could not get under the shelter. Perhaps they could not even hear me. Then woke up.

God is going to judge wickedness 😈and unrighteousness; however, His Word tells us that Jesus is a shield and shelter for His people in times of trouble. Now is the time to REPENT of all sin and come to Jesus. ✝️ The hour is late. Many modern-day Prophets, Pastors and others have been sounding the warning bells for a while now (nearly 40 years – 40 is the number of testing, trial and probation in the Bible) . Please get under God’s shelter of protection (PSALM 91) while there is still time. Jesus is coming soon! Maranatha! 💕✝️🙏🏻

Update 9/1/2022...Ahead of the US 2022 Midterm elections, JB (New World Order puppet) appears to be demonizing his political opponents in what appears to be an attempt to stir up a civil war in the United States. This is coming on the heels of the US purposely provoking both Russia and China on Ukraine and Taiwan. Could they be more obvious? Remembering what Dumitru Duduman prophesied in the 1980’s and 90’s that the US would be embroiled in an internal uprising at the time that they are attacked by Russia and China.


White House defends slamming half of America as ‘semi-fascist,’ ‘terrorists’ despite Biden’s unity pledge | Fox News

When the EARTH SHAKES…I wanna be found, in YOU – JESUS. 💕🙏🏻
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