Jesus said..”Let the little children come to Me”

Imagine the crowds that surrounded Jesus during His 3 1/2 year ministry on earth. Here He was healing, driving out demons, and teaching as one with authority. Then there were always those "lurking" Pharisees and Scribes who sought to trick Jesus into saying something that would allow them to accuse Him of Blasphemy, or of … Continue reading Jesus said..”Let the little children come to Me”

Israel’s evil kings

The Kingdom of Israel (the Northern 10 Tribes) had zero good kings.  Only evil Kings ruled over the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel. All of these evil kings were heavily into idolatry (idol worshiping), leading the 10 Northern Tribes astray. We'll see in later posts, that the Southern Tribes did a little better than the Northern Tribes, but not a lot. The Kingdom of Judah … Continue reading Israel’s evil kings