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Most of you can probably see that this world has changed drastically in just a few short months. During the months of March through May, 2020, we have seen an unprecedented Pandemic that has sadly taken many lives. The world has gone through horrible Pandemics before, but this one is different….because we are in the LAST DAYS. Accompanying this virus is an unprecedented move to globally strip citizens of freedoms and rights and at the same time RAPIDLY forcing the world economy into what will likely be not only a recession, but a massive depression.

In the United States, we have seen Church Pastors and Salon owners being arrested and put in jail while criminals, sex offenders and drug dealers are being released from prisons. We have also seen Police Officers and Doctors put on “Administrative Leave” and their videos removed from Youtube, Facebook, and twitter because they have refuted the agreed upon narrative. There are reports of protests around the world as citizens are rising up against the draconian measures. Twitter will be warning citizens if they post anything that they consider “wrong think”.

Free Speech is being severely limited..and this is not only going to continue, but grow worse. Expect it. Christian persecution, already on overdrive in many nations, will continue to escalate in the United States and Europe. Words such as “immunity passports, contact tracing, quantum dot tattoos”, etc are being used by globalist leaders. Apparently there is a plan in place to force every single citizen on the planet to be vaccinated..and to have digital proof of the vaccination. The Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, and other globalist entities are pushing extremely hard for this to happen.

If you pull up the World Ecomic Forum page, you will see a massive and what appears to be pre-planned page with many links regarding the Corona Virus that has additional links to “The media’s response” , “Global Governance” AND “Internet Governance”. Under the “Digital Identity link” there are links to “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”, Digital Economy and Society“, and “Block Chain” (having to do with cryptocurrency/digital currency). The “Finding vaccine link” has numerous additional links to “climate change” and “LGBTQ issues“. There is also the “biotechnology link” that details the planned vaccine that they are targeting that will use technology known as “body activity data by way of a biocompatible near infrared quantum dot tattoo that is delivered to the skin by microneedle patches to record vaccination”. Not only will it identify who has been vaccinated and who has not, but will also deliver your digital ID, which many believe is ID2020 (already in place)

“Event 2 (global)1 (201) was 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. “

They SIMULATED a CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC in October, 2019! One of the topics was the global coordination of the narrative (story) and the global coordination of the response (lockdown). Do you BELIEVE in COINCIDENCE??

194 nations to sign away their sovereignty to the WHO on 2/27/2023....END OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY: Biden Regime Negotiates “Legally Binding” Deal To Give Chinese-Backed World Health Organization Full Authority Over US Pandemic Policies – No Senate Approval Needed | The Gateway Pundit

At this point, we do not know what will happen next, but we can definitely SEE the buildup to the Tribulation, Global Government, and the Mark of the Beast. If it ever gets to the point that a digital proof of vaccination is required to buy or sell (shop)…look out. The mark of the beast is probably THE most serious warning that is issued in the Bible because it is the ONE THING that will COST a person their SALVATION…ETERNAL LIFE. God is so merciful and forgiving; however, the mark of the beast is something that cannot be undone. Once a person takes the mark of the beast, they CANNOT REPENT, change their minds, and receive salvation through Jesus Christ. I do not know exactly WHY the mark cannot be repented of, but I have a feeling that it somehow changes or alters mankind’s DNA; making those who take the mark into the image of the beast, rather than the original race of Adam who was made in the Image of God. Once mankind’s DNA is altered, there is no turning back. There is no repenting. Those who take the mark of the beast will have a ticket to hell, with no chance at salvation. It’s so very serious.

We do believe in the pre-Tribulation Rapture, which means we also believe that BEFORE the mark of the beast is ENFORCED…Christians will be removed from the earth. However, how many of us Christians have FAMILY members who may not believe? How many of us Christians have UNSAVED friends, loved ones, or neighbors who we would like to see in Heaven some day?

For this reason, we have created an e-book titled “LEFT BEHIND SURVIVAL GUIDE” that we hope you might consider downloading onto your computer and possibly printing if you feel led by God to do so. Sadly, it is our expectation that once the censorship reaches a certain point, all Christian blogs, websites, and Youtube videos will likely be removed from the internet. They’re already heading in this direction, and it is only going to get worse. This means that we fully expect at some point, that the elite of the world will REMOVE this blog.

We speak the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST, SALVATION, and LAST DAYS DECEPTIONS on this blog, and that is not going to be tolerated in the New World Order. It saddens us to consider that this blog will probably be removed, but we’re expecting it to happen at some point. This is likely why the Lord Jesus Christ has given me a Word of knowledge to create a “book” that can be downloaded, printed, and tucked away. The ebook on this page is basically a brief summary of much of what is in this blog. We could not create an eBook of the ENTIRE blog because that would have been ENORMOUS! So instead, we have created this short summary titled “LEFT BEHIND SURVIVAL GUIDE”. We sincerely hope and pray that NONE of you will NEED to refer to this book because ALL of you will be taken in the Rapture. However, you may have family and friends who will be LEFT BEHIND..and they will need instruction and HOPE for the years ahead.

We strongly encourage you to download this FREE BOOKLET (see above) onto your pc and print it as you feel led by God. Keep it tucked away in a safe place in your home where you think family or friends could locate it..and yet still hidden away from the global powers that will seek to REMOVE all truth from the earth. Bibles will be banned, Christian content will be banned.. This is coming and is already beginning in many places. Please take this warning to your prayer closet and pray over what the Lord wants you to do. It is our desire to see ALL saved and NONE lost. We are praying for you🙏🏻, for your families and friends, that they come to the Lord Jesus Christ now, while there is still time to make the RAPTURE. A person can still be SAVED after the Rapture, but life will get ALOT more difficult for Christians. Also, there is going to be MASSIVE DECEPTION after the Rapture, as there are those who call themselves Christians who will LEAD the flock astray. Any Christian who states that there are MULTIPLE paths to HEAVEN is a LIAR. The Bible calls this a GREAT DECEPTION. Jesus Christ is the ONLY PATH TO HEAVEN! The Great Deception is prophesied to happen, and we can already see the buildup to this! TRUE CHRISTIANS will be under EXTREME PERSECUTION in the antichrist Kingdom, so it is definitely best to give one’s heart and life to Jesus Christ NOW!

May the Lord Jesus Christ pour out His Blessings over you and yours! May He keep you safe in the upcoming storms, sheltering you in the secret place of His Love! May His Holy Spirit gently draw each of your unbelieving family and friends before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord!

God Bless!!!

Be prepared to be challenged by these sobering messages that people are receiving in visions and dreams.
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