YHWH’s Promises to ISRAEL

July 14, 2021 TFJ 0

The books of Ezra and Nehemiah detail the RETURN from the FIRST EXILE /BANISHMENT of the Jewish people from their seventy year captivity in Babylon, […]

The Eternal Word of God

October 10, 2020 TFJ 0

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on the immense magnitude of our Creator God? God is so much more than we could ever really fathom […]

Fear of the Lord

September 10, 2020 TFJ 0

Night after night on the evening news, I cringe as I watch in horror all of the violent rioting, shooting, burning, looting, and blasphemous words […]

The Unseen Hand of God

March 5, 2020 TFJ 0

We are rapidly approaching a lesser, and yet still important Holiday for the Jewish people, the day known as Purim. This year, Purim falls on […]

Kingdom of God

March 29, 2019 TFJ 0

What is the Kingdom of God? We see this phrase “Kingdom of God” used throughout the Gospels and in other places in the New Testament. […]

The seven spirits of God

November 27, 2018 TFJ 0

In our previous post, we detailed how the 7 nations that Israel was instructed to drive out of the Land of Canaan were really nations […]

Who is God?

September 16, 2018 TFJ 0

In my previous post, we discussed some of the reasons that my husband and I choose to believe there is a God, a Creator.  Life […]