Faith of a mustard seed🌱

The Bible tells us that if we, as believers in Christ, have the faith of a mustard seed, we can say to a mountain…MOVE, and it will move! Are we talking about a physical mountain? I don’t think so. In this context a mountain is a huge obstacle or difficulty. A mountain could be an illness. It could be poverty. It could be a relationship or family issue. It could be a terrible loss. Whatever it is, it is something so BIG that it appears impossible to move. In contrast, the mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds on the earth.

The Holy Spirit has really been dealing with me regarding this issue of mountain moving faith. It started with a dream. In the dream, I was given a “test” by two proctors. One of the proctors asked me a question. AT that moment, I looked up and saw a bright light and I looked down and saw a similar bright light, and said “Oh, I get it, the light above is connected to the light below!”. They smiled at each other. Yes! They were pleased with my answer.

Then, the second proctor gave me a “vision” test. He had me look at a piece of paper and move my eyes from left to right. In that exam, I could only see the middle portion of the letter or shape. I could not make out the edges. I said, “I can only see the middle of the shape, not the beginning or the end”. Then, the Proctor said…”That is because your physical eyes are limited”.

God was telling me that the spiritual world, as revealed in His Word, MUST become more ‘REAL’ to us than what we see with our physical eyes. Our physical eyes are limited. They are temporal (temporary). God’s Word is Eternal. This is the Faith that will move a mountain.

In addition to SALVATION, there are MANY promises in the Word of God that become available to us as soon as we enter the New Covenant. There are promises of healing, deliverance, family protection, provision, etc. We need to BELIEVE God and appropriate these promises for ourselves and STAND on them. We may not see that mountain move immediately, but it WILL move!