Who is God?

In my previous post, we discussed some of the reasons that my husband and I choose to believe there is a God, a Creator.  Life without God lacks purpose, life without God lacks hope, and life without God lacks an eternity, meaning this earthly life is as good as it gets.  With all of the sickness, suffering and death that we see on a daily basis, it would be very depressing to believe that this life is as good as it gets. 😔 Thankfully, we KNOW that is NOT trueThere IS something beyond this life.  What we see with our eyes and experience with our 5 senses is only a tiny fraction of reality.

Now that we have chosen to believe in God, everything is easy…right?  We just decide to believe in God and that’s it?  No….there are many “gods”, many religions, which one is the true God?  Truth isn’t important to SOME people, it’s important to ALL people!  So, will the REAL GOD please STAND UP?  Giggles…that phrase has been running through my mind for about a week or so.

Now that we have chosen to believe in God, we must determine who or what is God.  There are so many “religions” out there that worship or believe in various “gods”, which one do we choose?  This is confusing, yea?  Let’s take a short look at the various religions.  Ultimately, this will be something that each of us must decide for ourselves, if we choose to believe in God.  My husband and I have already made our choice. 😊

Again, please remember that we are not experts on the various religions.   So, we will just touch over the some of the major choices that are out there.  Okay?  We are pretty sure that all religions believe in a sort of god or gods, someone greater than ourselves.  Some religions view mankind as a type of “god”.  Most religions believe in an “after-life”, or a type of Heaven, a place people can go after they die. 

  • Buddhists believe in something called “enlightenment”, that a person must attain before reaching a place they call (Nirvana). 
  • Hinduism worships multiple gods. They also believe in a concept known as “reincarnation” meaning that a person who messes up in life can come back and get a “do-over”. 
  • Judaism, Christianity and Islam all worship a single Creator God, a God who created everything seen and unseen.  Actually, all three of these religions make a claim to worship the “God of Abraham”.  Do they worship the same God?  We will see….
  • Atheists and humanists make mankind into a god

If you are confused, do not worry, you are not alone.  This is the reason that many people decide NOT to believe in God, because they have no idea who is the real God.  There are so many religions, “gods”, confusion and chaos out there, that they decide it’s easier just to “walk away”.   We hope this is not the case with you because to NOT believe in God at all leaves us in a place of hopelessness and helplessness.  The choice is YOURS.  Life is a journey.  We’ve made our choice.  Now, we can only explain what we’ve learned in the hope that it will help you on your journey.

Hang onto your seatbelts as we go back in time in our next blog post.  On this journey, we are going to cover the Creation, the Creator, and what happened in the beginning to cause such confusion.  We are going to see how the three major religions got their start and why they all claim to worship the God of Abraham.  Ultimately, we will be taking a peek into the “future” to see God’s plan for mankind (Corporate) and God’s plan for earth.  We are also going to find out that in addition to God, our Creator, there is another “being” who seeks our destruction but masquerades as an angel of light. 😈 This created being has deceived the whole world.

God is LOVE…this we know.

BUT there is another “being” who is not love, who hates mankind, 😠 and who has created this chaos and confusion that we now live in Yes, you have heard of this one too…he is…the devil😈.  God is real, so is the devil.  God wants you to LIVE…the devil wants you to DIE. 

Whether you realize it or not, we are in an EPIC BATTLE!!   It’s time to “armor up”.

See you back next time!  😊

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