Jesus, the fulfillment of Prophecy

September 30, 2018 TFJ 0

The Bible is filled with Messianic prophecies. Mathematician Peter Stoner calculated the odds that one man could fulfill the 48 specific MESSIANIC prophecies would be […]

The Passover Lamb

September 30, 2018 TFJ 0

Have you heard of the Passover?  Every year, in the Springtime, Jewish people around the world celebrate something known as the Passover.  The Passover is […]

Who is Jesus?

September 26, 2018 TFJ 0

How do I introduce Jesus in just a few short paragraphs?  Where do I start?  Jesus Christ is the Messiah (Savior), the Son of the […]

The Sacrificial System

September 24, 2018 TFJ 0

The sacrificial system is very foreign to those of us living in the West in the 21st century.  But, in the days of Ancient Israel, […]

The Patient Parent

September 22, 2018 MM 0

If you’re a parent, your patience has undoubtedly been tested.  Kids can be downright difficult, and even infuriating.  Even the best parent can be brought […]

God provides temporary clothing

September 22, 2018 TFJ 0

After the Fall of man, and Adam and Eve’s pathetic attempt to clothe themselves in fig leaves, God saw their embarrassment, their fear, their feelings of […]

Naked and afraid

September 21, 2018 TFJ 0

As soon Adam and Eve “fell” (into sin), they realized that they were naked.  Giggles…apparently, they had been running around in the garden, naked as […]

The serpent in the garden

September 20, 2018 TFJ 0

What caused Adam and Eve to eat from the forbidden tree?  Why did they do it?  God had given them literally everything that they could […]