Who is Jesus?

How do I introduce Jesus in just a few short paragraphs?  Where do I start?  Jesus Christ is the Messiah (Savior), the Son of the Living God who took on the likeness of human flesh so He could SAVE mankind from the ETERNAL DEATH that we were deceived into CHOOSING. Jesus IS fully man and yet fully God and the ONLY ONE who could SAVE mankind. If we start in the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden, mankind had been created in God’s image, sinless and perfect. However, God KNEW that mankind would fall (sin), and that death would enter His Creation. Written into the immutable, unchangeable laws of the Universe is the fact that the soul who sins will die. 💀Sin is breaking God’s laws, basically doing what is right in our own eyes, not what is right in God’s eyes. 

Sin is an archery term that means to miss the mark. Out of all the human beings who have ever lived, only ONE has HIT the mark – JESUS CHRIST. The rest of humanity has sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

Sin is REBELLION against God. God is the Creator, and He alone is qualified to determine the difference between good and evil. We are really like children. God’s DESIRE was to teach mankind all kinds of things about the universe as a father would teach his children. We human beings were created with inquisitive minds, and it would have been such a delight to learn directly from our Creator. However, there was an ENEMY (serpent)🐍 in the garden who deceived man into SINNING and rebelling against God.

Mankind was deceived 👨🏻‍🦯into thinking that we could be like God, knowing the difference between Good and Evil – WITHOUT GOD.

Genesis 3:2:  The woman said to the serpent, “From the fruit of the trees 🌴of the garden we may eatbut from the fruit of the tree, which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.’” 💀The serpent 🐍said to the woman, “You certainly will not die! For God knows that on the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will become like God, knowing good and evil.”

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil 🌴that God had WARNED about was a not really a literal tree, but a METAPHOR for REBELLION against GOD. 😈 Eve “ate” from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that day and immediately she DIED spiritually, just as God had warned her. Adam also “partook of the fruit”, but he did so with his eyes wide open, KNOWING that they would both die. Eve was deceived; however, Adam UNDERSTOOD the consequences. Adam CHOSE to “eat” with his wife and therefore followed her right off the cliff. My guess is that even though Adam “knew”, neither of them really understood DEATH. 💀 In the Garden there was no death. They had never SEEN death. They had no CONCEPT of death.

Although Adam and Eve did not die physically THAT DAY, they died spiritually, cutting themselves off from the source of all life -GOD (Father/Son/Holy Spirit). 💀 Their physical bodies continued to live on for some time; however, without their spirits being connected to the LIFE SOURCE (God), their physical bodies would DIE also. Ever since that fateful day, EVERYONE who has ever been born into the world is ALSO born “dead”. This means that we are ALL born with dead spirits (not connected to the life source (God). Like Adam and Eve, our human BODIES will continue living for some period of time; however, our bodies will age/decay and eventually wear out and die. This is the truth.

But it gets worse. The physical death💀, as horrible as it is, is not the worst thing. In-fact, God’s Word tells us that the physical death is but a shadow. The REAL DEATH is ETERNAL separation from the source of all life – Elohim God (Father/Son/Holy Spirit). If God had not intervened with HIS DIVINE RESCUE PLAN, all of humanity would have ended up dying both the physical death and the PERMANENT spiritual death, ending up ETERNALLY CUT OFF from God in A PLACE known as “hell” (sheol – abode of the dead), and ultimately into the LAKE OF FIRE (GEHENNA – a place of BURNING and MISERY). This is no joke. This place is so TERRIFYING I cannot even conceive of the horrors of being in eternal (everlasting) pain and torment. 😱😱😱

The primary reason for this blog is to help people SEE the truth so they can take hold of God’s HAND and NEVER go to this HORRIBLE place!

God’s Word is unchangeable; therefore, sin cannot just be whisked away.  Sin demands a price, a very high price. 💀 God KNEW we would sin!  Once a Decree is SEALED by the King of the Universe with His “signet ring”, it cannot be broken, even by the King Himself. This truth about the Universe is concealed inside the book of Esther.

God cannot change one of His own immutable laws, but HE CAN establish a NEW LAW that He can use to SAVE MANKIND. ✝️The soul (life) who sins will die…but, God will allow the LIFE of the INNOCENT to be taken in exchange for the LIFE of the GUILTY. This is known in the “church world” as penal substitutionary atonement.

Because God is merciful and LOVES 💕mankind, His plan, from the very beginning, was to eventually clothe HIMSELF in the likeness of human flesh, live a sinless life, and die on a Cross for the sins of mankind. God Himself is the ONLY ONE who could do this, and He was willing to do it to SAVE MANKIND. Jesus Christ was willing to SATISFY God’s WRATH so that all who BELIEVE would be SAVED.

However, all who REFUSE God’s rescue plan (JESUS CHRIST), who REFUSE to BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who took the penalty for sin that we ALL deserve, will face God’s Wrath themselves.

It is kind of like this. We are convicted sinners. Justice demands that we must face the judge on Judgment Day. No amount of “good works” will mitigate our sentence. We are guilty before a holy and righteous God.

Here’s a metaphor that the evangelist Ray Comfort often uses.

We have just been convicted of a crime. The only way we can “get out of jail FREE” is if SOMEONE can or would PAY our “debt” for us. Jesus, the Son of God, agreed to pay THE DEBT THAT WE OWE for us. Now, we have the CHOICE of receiving Jesus’ payment for our debt OR we can pay it ourselves. If we choose to pay this debt ourselves, we will end up in the lake of fire.


This is the MERCIFUL God we serve.  This is YHWH. God is RIGHTEOUS and JUST and cannot tolerate ANY sin. But God is also MERCIFU and KIND, filled with LOVE for MANKIND. This is THE LOVE and MERCY of JESUS CHRIST. ✝️

God shared His Rescue Plan for mankind with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He told Eve that her seed (descendant) would CRUSH the head of the serpent, but the serpent would BRUISE His (Eve’s descendant) heel. Women do not have SEED! This was God’s CLUE that there would be a VIRGIN BIRTH. This is WHY Satan, who mimics God, established the false “virgin birth stories” in nearly all pagan religions. Remember who was also in the garden THAT DAY and who HEARD God preach the Gospel (Good news) to Adam and Eve. 🐍 Satan figured if he pre-empted God’s TRUE VIRGIN BIRTH, embedding fake virgin birth stories into all his FAKE RELIGIONS, he could again deceive mankind into REJECTING OUR TRUE MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST) when Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) did eventually come on the scene. 😈

In fulfillment of this prophecy (Eve’s Promised Seed), approximately 4000 years AFTER Adam and Eve were created, or approximately 2000 years ago, c33AD, in Jerusalem Israel, Jesus of Nazareth was born of a virgin.

About 2000 years ago, a young Jewish woman named Mary was engaged to a man named Joseph, both from the Tribe of Judah Mary was living in a small town called Nazareth, located in what is today the Golan Heights, Israel.  They were to be married. Before they married, or shared a bed, the Angel Gabriel visited Mary and told her that she was chosen to bring forth the Savior of the World, aka The Messiah.  Mary was a little scared, but she was also happy. (Luke 1:26-35)

Luke 1:26 Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city in Galilee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the descendants of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.

(Let’s see…an ANGEL (supernatural being) told Mary that she would conceive the Savior of the world. 😲 The angel told Mary that God would be the Father, that the Holy Spirit would be the One who placed the child in her womb, and it that the conception would NOT involve sex. Let us remember that Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph.

Luke 1:38: And Mary said, “Behold, the Lord’s bond-servant; may it be done to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Mary knew that the townspeople would think she had cheated on Joseph. In those days, a girl could be stoned to death for a sexual crime like adultery or fornication (sex before marriage). Mary understood that the people of Nazareth would NOT believe that she was still a virgin.  This would bring great shame to both Mary and her family. But did Mary hesitate when the angel asked this of her? No!

With Mary’s nervous, but obedient consent, God’s Holy Spirit came over her and she conceived the Messiah Jesus.  This was a Miracle of God and did NOT involve any type of sexual activity!   The Angel Gabriel then confirmed to Joseph that although Mary was pregnant, she was a still virgin.  After all, Joseph had been understandably upset when he first found out about Mary’s pregnancy.  But Joseph, who loved her and BELIEVED the ANGEL, spared her life, and went forward with the marriage plans.

Remember, it was Eve’s “seed” who would crush the head of the Serpent.  (Genesis 3:15) This is because it was the human mother who would bring forth the savior, not the father. The Father of the Savior, JESUS, is GOD, not man.  The Miraculous virgin birth allowed for the Savior of mankind, Jesus, to be born into the LIKENESS of human flesh.  Jesus’ flesh was human in every way…EXCEPT that he was not born with “original sin”.  This means that unlike EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING on the FACE OF THE PLANET, Jesus DID NOT have sin embedded in his human flesh – the sin nature.

Jesus was born sinless, totally innocent of any sin, was filled with God’s Holy Spirit and equipped by God to live a completely sinless life.  Jesus was God, wrapped in the likeness of human flesh.  Fully human and yet fully God.  Jesus was the only One qualified to be the “lamb of God”, who would PERMANENTLY take away the sin of the world.  Lambs were known for their innocence and were often used in Jewish animal sacrifices. In-fact, Jesus was crucified on the PASSOVER, the day that the Jewish people SACRIFICED a LAMB to commemorate the angel of death ‘PASSING OVER” their homes during the days of Moses.

Jesus, the completely innocent lamb of God, God wrapped in the likeness of human flesh, was crucified at a place called Golgotha, or “place of the skull”.  Jewish Tradition states that this is the place where David slew Goliath, an evil giant, spawn of satan, and severed his head.  (We will talk more about Goliath in a later post).  It was at this place where Jesus’ feet were bruised (when they nailed them to the cross), and the head of satan was crushed

It was this place where Jesus took upon Himself the sins of all mankind (ALL WHO WOULD BELIEVE) and carried them to the cross to be buried forever.✝️  It was this place where Jesus, God Himself, shed His Blood as the innocent Lamb of God, to enact the Substitution principal for ALL MANKIND so that whosoever would BELIEVE in HIM would NOT PERISH, or DIE THE PERMANENT, SPIRITUAL DEATH, but rather, have everlasting life.  This is the NEW COVENANT that was prophesied in the Old Testament (Tanakh).

Messiah means Savior, or the Christ. Christ is NOT Jesus’ last name, Christ is HIS TITLE….meaning MESSIAH, or SAVIOR – “Annointed One”.

Jesus crushed the head of the serpent in the place called Golgotha in order to SAVE humanity!  God Almighty gave mankind DOMINION over the earth.  However, the serpent’s plan was to DECEIVE mankind into sin thus handing DOMINION over to Satan.  Satan understood that sin would separate humanity PERMANENTLY from GOD.   However, because JESUS CHRIST (the CREATOR of ALL MANKIND) CHOSE to DIE A PHYSICAL DEATH and shed HIS INNOCENT BLOOD (the LIFE FORCE of ALL FLESH is in the BLOOD), enacting the substitution Principal (the life of the innocent in exchange for the life of the guilty), MANKIND was GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE!

JESUS totally CRUSHED the head of the serpent, who had INTENDED to DRAG all of mankind down to the pit (outer darkness, permanent spiritual death, separation from our Creator) with himself and his minions!

The serpent 🐍was in shock and disbelief that God the Creator, the most powerful, mighty being that has EVER EXISTED, would be WILLING to HUMBLE HIMSELF by clothing himself in FRAIL human flesh, taking all of our sin upon HIMSELF, and then taking that SIN to the Cross to BURY IT FOREVER.  The serpent was in shock!  This was something that he could not imagined – because it involves LOVE.

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