My husband and I would like to share some encouraging words from individuals who have experienced a touch from God. These are words of encouragement and hope in this chaotic and troubled world.  They have blessed us, we pray they Bless you too!  🙂  

Be blessed in Jesus’ Name!

It’s an age old question that has confounded scholars: Why Does God Allow Suffering? There is an answer, and Randy Kay will discuss the answer in this video. Randy died and met Jesus in Heaven, and so his perspective on suffering is uniquely insightful.

Susanne died a traumatic death at age 12 when her double knotted scarf became entangled with an operative ski lift cable.
She was hung, her neck was broken, and her estimated time of death was 45 minutes. In this episode she shares: -Being greeted by Jesus and 2 angels and the life changing experience of his all consuming love.💕 -The love and communication that emanated from Jesus’ hands and eyes -Being carried to heaven by Jesus while able to look briefly at the scene below -Seeing organized councils in heaven -Meeting and speaking with Melchizadek, seeing a large room of records kept in heaven –Understanding that there is a much bigger picture to what is happening on Earth -God’s golden light and how it was connected to Jesus💕 –Her miraculous survival and healing worthy of a memorial plaque in the hospital -Meeting a young man who also experienced heaven and their special connection -Being called to write a book and share her experience -The message from Jesus to each person listening/watching

Who Am I?
Why Am I Here?
Is There More Than This?

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What’s next for me?

Are you struggling with an overwhelming problem?  Are you dealing with something that is way beyond your ability to fix or even comprehend? 

We must walk through the valley before we can stand before the Mountain of God. Tony Evans has some encouraging words in this short video “sniplet”.

God has a plan for your life.  

Jesus Christ has the final say, the Master Key.  Jesus opens doors that no man can shut and shuts doors that no man can open.  Trust in HIM.

Who the Son of God sets free is free indeed!  No longer in bondage to sin, but free to be a child of the Most High God, YHWH Elohim.