EMERGENT CHURCH – doctrine of demons😈

I can't tell you how grieved my spirit is at the widespread nature of the "emergent Church" heresy. This is beyond apostasy...this is flat-out heresy. A heresy is something that explicitely undermines the Gospel. Researching this doctrine of demons has been shocking to say the least. In previous posts, we discussed the apostasy of the … Continue reading EMERGENT CHURCH – doctrine of demons😈

Trusting God to defeat the giants

As we approach the start of a New Year, many of us are absolutely horrified at what we're seeing across the world. We are witnessing unprecedented totalitarianism on a global scale. There are reports of Covid internment camps in Australia while Austrians are pleading with the world to help them end their rapidly emerging police … Continue reading Trusting God to defeat the giants

A wicked king covets: a short story

Once upon a time, in a far-away land, there was a beautiful kingdom, a land flowing with milk and honey. Sweet, ice-cold streams of sparkling water, pure and clean ran down the beautifully sloped mountains. There were green meadows filled with every color of wild-flower imaginable. Fruit trees grew in abundance, overflowing with apples, peaches, … Continue reading A wicked king covets: a short story

The enemy’s playbook

If we can somehow recognize our enemy's "plays"(strategies/tactics), then we will be far less likely to find ourselves falling into the last days deceptions that are already running rampant in the world. Jesus warned us many, many times..."Do not be deceived". Why? Because the deception would be so wide-spread, so slick, so subtle, eventually including … Continue reading The enemy’s playbook