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As soon Adam and Eve “fell” (into sin), they realized that they were naked.  Giggles…apparently they had been running around in the garden, naked as jay birds, but blissfully unaware of this fact.  There was no sin in the Garden, so being naked wasn’t a problem.  This is a good time to introduce a very important SPIRITUAL concept here...Adam and Eve, though physically naked before the Fall, were NOT naked before God.  They walked right alongside God in “the cool of the day, till the shadows flee away”.  If we tried to walk alongside God now, clothed in our human flesh, we would burn up and die because His Holiness and Righteousness is so powerful, it would immediately consume our sin filled human flesh.

What is nakedness?  Of course we understand nakedness to some degree, particularly in our hyper-sexualized culture.  But really, imagine being in your house, naked in the shower, and a thief or robber enters into your home.  Would you feel a little more vulnerable or exposed?  What about embarrassed or ashamed?  Would you feel weaker, even unprepared?  Would this increase your fear?  Contrast this feeling to how you would feel if a thief entered into your home and you were in full armor, shield, pants, breast-plate, belt, helm, boots, sword at your side.  See what I mean?  Now, let’s think about the Garden.

Prior to “the Fall” (sin) Adam and Eve, though completely physically naked, were actually clad in God’s pure and Holy Armor.  They were not naked before God UNTIL they sinned.  Then, suddenly, they stood naked and exposed.  In their embarrassment and shame, they feebly attempted to clothe themselves in fig-leavesThis is like us trying to cover our “nakedness” before a Holy God in “Good Works”, it doesn’t work.  The sin that has caused our nakedness is now embedded in our flesh!  This is why our flesh ages, gets sick, and dies.  There’s no way for us to cover ourselves!

Join us next time when we discuss “God provides Temporary Clothing”