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What caused Adam and Eve to eat from the forbidden tree?  Why did they do it?  God had given them literally everything that they could ever want or need.  He had warned them that they would “surely die” if they ate from that tree?  Why did they do it?  Adam and Eve weren’t alone in the Garden of Eden.  There was another, a friend?  Not a friend!

This “other” pretended to be a friend, but he wasn’t.  The Bible describes him as a serpent.  He probably didn’t look like an actual snake.  We find out later in the Bible that the “serpent” was originally created by God as the most beautiful Angel. But the serpent sinned and fell from Heaven and became what he is today, satan.  His name means “adversary” or “destruction”.   When he sinned, he took 1/3 of the Angels from Heaven with him.  

The deceiver can’t hurt GOD, so he goes after God’s children, the “weakest link“.  The serpent “befriended” Adam and Eve and then convinced Eve that God was lying to her.  He told Eve that if she and Adam “ate from this fruit” (remember, the fruit and the tree are symbolic), they would NOT die, but instead “be like God”.  He lied and Eve bought it “hook, line, and sinker”.  Eve ate the fruit first, then she convinced Adam to do the same.   You see, the deceiver loves to tell a lie, but sprinkle it with just enough truth, that it’s hard to tell the difference.  They took one “bite”, and they were still alive.  Yes…BUT.. the serpent didn’t share THE WHOLE TRUTH. He NEVER DOES!  Yes, they didn’t die right then, but at that moment, sin and death entered the world.

God’s Rescue Plan

God KNEW in advance exactly what would take place so HE had a RESCUE PLAN that preceded the creation of the Heavens, the earth, and mankind!  That’s the GOOD NEWS!!  God shared this Good News with Adam and Eve, even while sharing with them the CONSEQUENCES of their actions!  God told Eve that He would put enmity between Eve “the woman” and the serpent (satan), and that her (Eve’s) “seed” (descendant) would be “BRUISED” on the heel, but that her (seed) Descendant would CRUSH the head of the serpent (satan).  

You see, this is really a cosmic battle between good and evil.  Some people blame God for all the misery that’s in the world, but really, the entire Bible details God’s EPIC RESCUE PLAN for mankind out the hands of an EVIL FOE who seeks our DESTRUCTION!