The world’s biggest problem

I’m sure if you went around the world asking people “What is the world’s biggest problem right now?”…We would hear a myriad of answers; however, the most likely answer would probably be “The Corona Virus”. Yes, the Corona Virus is probably considered the world’s biggest problem right now. Countries have closed borders, manufacturing, food processing, restaurants, business have shuttered, economies have dipped into a nasty recession, Churches are forced to close, and worst of all, many people have suffered and died as a result of this nasty Corona Virus.

What has been done about this virus? People are wearing face masks, people are staying home, people are “social distancing”. Instead of people smiling and waving at each other as they pass by, they are now glaring at each other while attempting to distance themselves, as though the other person is a not really a person at all, but a “vector” for disease. There has been actual violence directed at those who refuse to wear a mask, or those who require masks for their businesses. There has been violence on both sides of the “mask issue”, as the love of many has grown cold.

Researchers are scrambling to find treatments or create vaccines. The world has gone insane. Some people are totally ignoring the problem, others are absolutely terrified to conduct life. There are reports of unprecedented numbers of suicides, alcohol / drug abuse, domestic violence and gun violence.

As I watch all of this unfold on the evening news, my heart sinks. What has happened to our world? People are being manipulated to follow elite agendas, like cattle being herded before the slaughter.

Everyone is running around, desparately trying to put a small bandaide on what appears to be a large, gaping wound.

Switching gears for just a minute….

Have you ever had a pet? I bet most people who read this blog have some sort of pet. We have a cat named “Jingles”. Haha…she is a cute little kittie, but sometimes she can be a little troublemaker. For instance, sometimes she will scratch a family member for no reason, or jump up on the dinner table and get into someone’s plate of food, or even scratch the furniture. Oh, bad kitty! How do we discipline our kitty? Actually, it’s hard to discipline a cat. One of the best methods is to have a little spray bottle handy and mist some water into her face. Cats hate that, and will usually back away from whatever it is they are doing wrong. However, if the mist bottle isn’t handy, then by the time we’ve found the bottle, it is pointless to mist our cat in the face because she will have NO IDEA why we just misted her. She would just think we were MEAN (if cats could think like we humans do). The point is that our cat would NOT realize that the punishment was linked to her bad behavior. Nope, she just wouldn’t get it.

So it is with mankind. Mankind simply does not realize that it is OUR OWN SIN that has caused ALL of the death, destruction, wars, sickness, famine, suffering, and everything terrible in this world! When we partner with satan AGAINST GOD…God “gives us over” to that which we seek…and it’s not pretty. But do we realize this? No. Like the cat, we think …Wow, life is tough. Wow, if God is real, He must be mean, or He must not care, right? We desire to find treatments for cancer, for Covid, for depression and anxiety, etc, treating the symptoms but never really attempting to get to the ROOT CAUSE of our problems . Instead, we wear masks and social distance, pop pills and seek counseling, but we never seem to connect that it is our SIN PROBLEM that causes ALL of the SICKNESS, HEARTACHE and SUFFERING in the world.

ALL mankind has a terminal condition that we absolutely do not want to talk about. That condition is SIN. It is an uncomfortable word, and in-fact, seems to be considered “hate speech” in most parts of the world. If we even whisper the word “sin”, people recoil in disgust…..”no, there is no such thing.” That is hate speech!” Even churches no longer speak about sin. Speaking about sin is too controversial and unpopular and may even cause the number of people sitting in the pew to shrink. Churches can’t risk it, so they talk about other things like social justice, racial inequity, Grace Revolution, and the like. But I’ll tell you what, this is one of the reasons that Christianity is declining. Hmmm….If there is no sin, then why do we need GRACE? Why do we need Jesus’ sacrifice if sin does not exist? And..that is exactly how people are beginning to think. But sin DOES exist, and just because we no longer feel comfortable talking about it doesn’t change that truth. In-fact, it has become far more likely that we will fall into sin because we’re NOT being taught to avoid it!

Sin is the reason that people get sick, suffer, and die. Sin leads to death. That’s just the sad, sad truth of it. Now, this doesn’t mean that the person who is sick committed some particular sin themselves, but rather, it means that this world is SIN-SICK.

Here’s one example. A couple of nights ago, my husband and I watched a movie titled “Dark Waters” that was made in 2019. It was about a Christian lawyer who went up against a very powerful organization, DuPont Chemical Company. This is a true story, by the way. Through perserverance and long, tiring investigations, the lawyer discovered that DuPont KNOWINGLY released toxic chemicals into the air, water, and soil in the manufacture of TEFLON…a common coating that has pretty much been on everybody’s fying pan in the kitchen at one time or another. This toxic chemical has killed many people. It causes all kinds of cancers, endocrine disorders, autoimmune, birth defects, and the like. DuPont KNEW it and did nothing about it because they loved MONEY! Here is a horrible sin. A sin that has cost many people their lives. In-fact, they now know that 99% of HUMANITY has this chemical in their blood. We all do…and it causes sickness! The darkened hearts of this GREEDY organization did NOT care!

Now you can be shocked, as I was also, but let’s multiply this scenario over thousands of times all around the world, and you get my point. What about Fukushima, and the radiation that is still spewing around the world because of that melt down. Why did Tepco cut safety corners? Why did they build a nuclear reactor on a known FAULT LINE? GREED, POWER…SIN! We can say the same thing about Chernobyl! The MANAGERS who sent in the firefighters without gear KNEW that the RADIATION was OFF THE CHARTS! They KNEW that they were sending them to their death, but they COVERED IT UP! Even the Corona Virus became a Pandemic because the Chinese Government purposely spread it all over, refusing to shut down international flights while shutting down domestic flights within their own country. The Corona Virus was a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON that was PURPOSELY created and SPREAD AROUND THE GLOBE for very NEFARIOUS political and economic reasons! Sin causes sickness, suffering and death. It just does. And if that’s not bad enough, individual sin that is never dealt with: unforgiveness, hatred, lying, stealing, cheating, greed, selfishness, sexual perversions – will eventually cause ETERNAL DEATH in the LAKE OF FIRE. Even THE CHURCH doesn’t want to tell us this TRUTH…that sin kills.

people have no idea. Salt is a preservative. It is meant to preserve. The Church is supposed to be salt and light. But if salt loses it’s saltiness, what is it good for? The Church is supposed to preserve God’s TRUTH on this earth. So where is she? Where is her voice? Why has she grown silent now when we need her most?

Matthew 5:13:You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.

With the church having LOST her saltiness, HER LIGHT, no longer speaking TRUTH to this dying world, people are stumbling in the darkness. This leaves a perfect void for satan to fill with his lies.

“I mean, why shouldn’t a man marry a man? What’s the harm in that? It’s not hurting anybody, right? What’s the harm in looking at a little pornography? Does that really hurt anyone? .Come on, quit being so stodgy, so narrow minded, so biggoted, such a hater“…..says satan

Well, do you think that Adam and Eve, when they ate the forbidden fruit, ever thought of the murder, rapes, war, sickness, suffering and death that would follow as a RESULT of their actions? Do you think they had ANY IDEA? No! They thought…oh, just one little bite. What’s it going to hurt? What’s the big deal? They believed satan’s lies, and bite they did.

God doesn’t want us to be like HIM…right? The tree of the knowledge of Good and evil…we can decide FOR OURSELVES..WITHOUT GOD the DIFFERENCE between GOOD and EVIL. Right?” Love is love, My body my CHOICE”……..says rebellious mankind

Would Adam and Eve have bitten that fruit had they realized that their yet unborn son Cain would kill their future son Abel? Do you think they would have bitten, had they foretold TWO WORLD WARS? What about the 6 Million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust, would they have bitten into that fruit if they had known in advance, about that? You see…this is the problem. We humans are short-sighted. Do we sit in the seat of God? Can we see where all of this is going? Do we really know the long term ramifications of our actions today?? No, we don’t. We see our own little situations. We see our own little problems, and we think, this seems fine to me. What’s wrong with this? It’s not hurting anybody, so what’s the problem?

But God knows everything. He KNOWS the long-term ramifications. He KNEW about the TWO WORLD WARS, the MURDER, the HOLOCAUST, and everything else that has followed. God KNEW, which is WHY HE warned Adam and Eve.

But did Adam and Eve listen to Him? No. Do we listen to God today? No. God tells us, in His Word, the difference between “right and wrong”, but like Adam and Eve, we don’t want to listen. Churches don’t want to listen. It’s an unpopular message. So like Adam and Eve, we decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong.

Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. So how is this method of “doing life” working for us? What shape is the world in now?

The sin problem is alot like a loose thread on a knit sweater. We pull a little corner, and well, we can still wear the sweater. It doesn’t look too bad. But then, that loose corner keeps pulling and pulling until finally, the entire sweater is destroyed. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse, which is what we’re seeing now. Things that were once done in secret are now being literally paraded around as GOOD. Lawlessness, rioting, looting, stealing and burning down businesses is now being sanctioned by government officials. The murder of babies is now considered perfectly fine and good, and if one doesn’t agree, they are the problem. Remember the One World Tower in New York City lit up in pink to celebrate the late term abortion/infanticide law? The FEW Churches that actually do speak the TRUTH and WARN about the CONSEQUENCES of SIN are maligned and slandered for teaching “hate speech”. Conservative voices are being severely censored and soon will be silenced altogether!

Wow, how far we have fallen!

Lately I have been watching some old sit-coms that I used to enjoy back in the 1980’s and 90’s; however, I now see them with “new eyes”. Once a person is born again, we see with NEW EYES. What seemed “normal” or “harmless” to me back then, I now see as the early pulls on the tiny thread that is now UNRAVELING this earth at breakneck speed. Fornication, sex outside of marriage, divorce, “female power”, single parent households were all being pushed and normalized at that time. And it SEEMED NORMAL and even HARMLESS to me because I was not yet truly born again, and did not really know God’s Word. I’m sure that young people today who do not REMEMBER the past and who are not born again, THINK that what they’re seeing today is totally normal. But for those of us who REMEMBER the past and ARE born again, we see this world unraveling at break-neck speed. In the 1990’s, God and His Commandments were still being mentioned in television shows and music, even if just in a passing or casual comment. But still, people KNEW that there IS a God and at least gave Him a thought. I recently listened to a popular MAINSTREAM song from the 1970’s that was about Jesus Christ. This is unheard of today. If a song is a Christian song, it must be moved to the Christian “genre” and only played on Christian radio stations. Thank God we still have those because God has been totally wiped out of all secular public television and radio, as though He doesn’t exist, or is a figment of our imagination. I now hear TV characters “thank the universe” for things that they appreciate. 🤔 What a JOKE!

This is why the world is unraveling so fast now! Today, the sweater (analogy for the world) is now nearly completely UNDONE as LAWLESSNESS, ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY, PORNOGRAPHY, VIOLENCE, and sadly, even PEDOPHILIA is being PROMOTED as “right and good”. Violent protests are being promoted, late term abortion and infanticide is promoted, communism is promoted, but CHURCH, FREEDOM, and FAMILY is harmful? Really? Wow! Just in case you think we’re exaggerating about the acceptance of pedophilia, check out this recent headline (Sept. 1, 2020)…

California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties Oral, Anal Sex with Willing Children

Last night the CA State Legislature passed #SB145 and it now goes to Gov. Newsom. It would lower the penalties for adults who have sex w/ willing same-sex minors. Judge could decide if adult has to register as sex offender if the offender is within 10 years of age of victim.

We are at the time of the end!

What we need to realize is that sin IS REAL and it is the SECOND most powerful force in the world. It is so powerful that mankind cannot resist it of our own volition. We just can’t. It also doesn’t help that there is an enemy of mankind who suppresses the TRUTH while spreading LIES like candy around the world. Sin is not only powerful, it is also DESTRUCTIVE.

If sin is the SECOND most powerful force in the world, resulting in sickness, suffering, war, and death, then what is the MOST POWERFUL force in the world? THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE WORLD because HE IS GOD!

Romans 6:10:  When he (Jesus) died, he died once to break the power of sin. But now that he lives, he lives for the glory of God

Romans 8:2: For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

Colossians 1:13: For He (JESUS) rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son,

Revelation 12:11: And they overcame him (satan) because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.

There is only ONE WAY to have our EYES opened so we can SEE AND WALK IN the TRUTH. There is only ONE WAY to DEFEAT the SIN NATURE that pulls us AWAY from the ONE TRUE GOD…


  • We must ADMIT we are a sinner in need of a SAVIOR!
  • We must BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST DIED on that OLD RUGGED CROSS 2000 years ago to PAY THE DEATH PENALTY that we ALL OWE...for all of our sins, past, present, and future!
  • We must BELIEVE JESUS ROSE from the dead 3 days later, DEFEATING THE DEVIL, SIN, DEATH and the GRAVE!
  • We must ASK JESUS into our hearts to LIVE AND DWELL within us through HIS HOLY SPIRIT, guiding us and leading us into ALL TRUTH.
  • We must put our FAITH in what Christ did for us on the CROSS and TRUST that HOLY SPIRIT who dwells within us will BREAK the power of the SIN NATURE FOR US!
  • We must FOLLOW the leading of the Holy Spirit, who will convict us of sin and lead us AWAY from TEMPTATION and SIN.

Basically, we MUST be BORN AGAIN….READING AND TREASURING THE WORD OF GOD, submitting our own will to the WILL of the FATHER. This means that if the WORLD says…”This is okay, or that is okay“, we MUST line it up with the WORD OF GOD (BIBLE). If God’s WORD says that something is NOT okay then it is NOT okay, reguardless of what we “FEEL”, or what “SEEMS RIGHT” to us, or what THE WORLD TELLS US IS RIGHT. The word WORSHIP means SUBMIT. We can either submit ourselves to our own authority, to the FALSE authority of an IDOL (“other god”), OR we can submit ourselves to the authority of JESUS CHRIST, the TRUE GOD. If we want to walk in TRUTH we must SUBMIT ourselves to the Word of God (Jesus IS the Word made flesh).

Like the movie “The Matrix”, we can take the blue pill and remain in darkness, lies, and deception, or we can take the RED PILL (this is a metaphor, not literal) and KNOW the TRUTH. Sometimes it is difficult to know the truth because once our eyes are opened, we will be compelled to DO SOMETHING. We may even have to give up a familiar lifestyle in which we were comfortable. We may have to separate ourselves from “old friends” because they drag us back into sin. But I want to tell you that the ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING REWARDS for WALKING IN TRUTH, for WALKING IN THE LIGHT FAR EXCEEDS the TEMPORARY GRATIFICATION of remaining in the darkness.

We’ve all got a terminal condition…JESUS is THE CURE

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