The Test

The following is a short 6 minute video from a Youtube video series titled “The Bible Project”. Perhaps you’ve watched some of their vidoes? This particular video does an excellent job of summarizing the tests, trials, failures and successes of mankind since the Garden of Eden, all in a very colorful, animated format with amazing graphics and very clear and simple narration. For this reason, we want to give this short video a permanent page on this blog. Enjoy! 😊

Why does God test people? Many people think of tests as negative, often because their experience of tests in school was so stressful! But not all tests are bad. In fact, tests are a way to find out what’s true about a person––what they know or what they believe–so that they can see the areas in which they need to grow or change.

In the story of the Bible, God wants to rule his world in partnership with his human images. And in the garden of Eden, God presents humanity with its first test. Will the humans trust God to teach them wisdom, or will they do what’s good in their own eyes? The human failure in the garden begins a downward spiral of failed tests through the book of Genesis, leading up to the great test of Abraham. Abraham is faced with an impossible choice–sacrificing the life of his son–but he trusts in the goodness of the one who is testing him and does what God asks. Abraham passes the test, and God intervenes and spares his son’s life. All of this leads to God’s promise that all nations will discover divine blessing through Abraham’s descendants.

“This cycle gets repeated throughout the story of the Bible. We see God’s covenant people Israel encounter many tests, but unfortunately they repeat the failure of the garden and continually choose their own understanding over God’s wisdom. The story of the Bible builds to the realization that humans will continue to fail these tests. They are in desperate need of someone who can pass the ultimate test and make right the covenant that was broken in the garden.

All of this leads us to the story of Jesus. He passes the ultimate test by giving up his life for the sins of his people, and through him, God’s life and blessing goes out to all the nations. So while these tests are rarely easy, they are actually important opportunities for God’s people to grow and change, so that they can become agents of God’s blessing to the world around them.” The Bible Project

James 1:2-3: “Consider it an opportunity for joy, my siblings, when you experience different tests, knowing that the testing of your trust produces endurance. And let that endurance produce its final result, so that you may be whole and complete, lacking nothing”

For You have tested us, O God;
You have refined us as silver is refined. (Psalm 66:10)
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