The Man in Black

Friends, I had a vision this past night, November the 14th, 2020, and I needed to share it with all of you. I have so very infrequently had dreams that I could even remember, and this one woke me, and shook me to the core.

I saw a man dressed in all black, with salt and pepper hair and a groomed beard, pacing back and forth in front of a line of people, also all dressed in black. It was in front of a store or some sort of shopping center. Their heads hung in fear as they listened to him berate them. As he paced, he lectured these people on why they must do as he says, and why they can no longer be employed at that store if they do not do exactly as he says. It was because they were identified as someone who has or has had Christian values in the past.

I stood there, as if not actually in their presence, but merely watching. The man in black, however, became aware of my presence; suddenly staring at me from afar. And then, his face warped up to mine, larger than life, and filled my view! His face was raw with anger. His eyes were filled with fire. He opened his mouth, and out of it came a garbled, satanic language of sorts that I knew was a threat of the highest magnitude. It was at that point that I started yelling “I rebuke you Satan! I rebuke you Satan! The Lord is with me! I rebuke you Satan!” He recoiled from my sight, and I woke up, sobbing, and giving thanks to the Lord for the vision he had bestowed upon me.

I immediately got out of bed, knelt down, and prayed as I wept. I cannot tell you the feeling; it was emotion overload. I was still terrified, yet amped at successfully rebuking the serpent. I lifted my hands as I praised God for not forsaking me in spite of me. I praised His Holy name for showing me what we’re up against, but still more importantly, how strong He can be, through weak, sinful me.

Over the past few years, I have had many dreams in which I was leading people away from danger. Fires, tornadoes, and other calamities. Usually I was leading them outside of a building that was dangerous, or into a safer building away from the danger. I have never, until tonight, encountered the prince of the power of the air. Tonight he literally got in my face.

I am thankful this day, that the Lord has given me a vision, and that I am part of His army. My role in that army is yet to be determined, but oh my God in Heaven I am so thankful you have made me part of it. You are getting ready to return; I can feel it so clearly now. I pray that I may have more visions to show me what is to come, and how I can help. I am thankful that through you, I was able to stand for you this day. I pray that I will always stand for you, and what’s right. I pray that if it is your will, I will lead others away from the danger and into your sight, oh God! May you be a lamp unto my feet in this darkened world! Amen!

Walking Path

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I'm an avid motorcyclist who tries to follow the narrow road to Jesus Christ. The MM is for Motorcycle Ministry, because I try to make learning about Jesus fun, and often try to relate the act of riding motorcycles, and those related challenges, with the challenges we find on the road of life. Have a blessed day!