Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins

The Lord Jesus Christ gave me a Word of knowledge a couple of days ago, along with some verses to investigate and a urgency in my spirit to write about it. This, being June, is the perfect month to write this post. What is “June” known for around the globe? 🌈Gay PRIDE.

The Lord Jesus Christ gave me the Word “desecration”, along with Acts 15 to investigate. God tells us that it is the Glory of God to conceal a matter and takes the honor of kings to search it out. So let’s search it out!

To set the stage, in Acts 15 Paul and Barnabus were preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Antioch, the main “hub” of the new Gentile Christian Church that was established by Peter in about 38AD. Antioch was the first place the word “Christian” was used.

Acts 11:25 And he (Barnabus) left for Tarsus to look for Saul (Paul); 26 and when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. And for an entire year they met with the church and taught considerable numbers of people; and the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

Antioch was the 3rd largest city in the Roman Empire (after Rome & Alexandria) with an estimated population of about 150,000. The city was about 10% Jewish, including many proselytes (Gentiles who had converted to Judaism). But still, the vast majority of the city was severely lacking in morals and was very pagan, yet it rivaled the city of Alexandria in Egypt in terms of prosperity. In the middle of the city was an elaborate temple dedicated to Apollo (“pagan god”/demonic being) as well as a cult-statue. The inhabitants of Antioch were also rebellious and uncontrollable to the point of being violent.

It was here at Antioch that the Apostles Peter and Paul had a very vocal and public disagreement over whether or not new Gentile Christians were bound by the law of Moses. Jewish Messianic Preachers who had heard about the church’s success in Antioch, travelled there instructing that Christians must be circumcised to receive salvation. Paul and Barnabus, perceiving that this false doctrine would be fatal to their work, went up to Jerusalem to combat it. The older Apostles received them kindly and at what is called the Council of Jerusalem (dated somewhere between 47AD to 51AD).

The Jerusalem Council….”the issue”…

Do Gentile Converts to Christianity need to be circumcised and become “Jewish” in order to be saved?

Acts 15 tells us that the Apostles spent a good deal of time debating this matter. Peter stood up to give his account. Even though Peter originally sided with the Jewish Pharisees AGAINST Paul’s teaching of “Sola Gratia/Sola Fide” (by Grace through faith alone), he completely changed his mind and was in total agreement with Paul at the Jerusalem Council. This shows us the humility of the Apostle Peter, that he could publicly admit his error.

Peter’s speech

Acts 15:  7 After there had been much debate Peter stood up and said to them, “Brothers, you know that in the early days God made a choice among you, that by my mouth the Gentiles would hear the word of the gospel and believe. And God, who knows the heart, testified to them giving them the Holy Spirit, just as He also did to us; and He made no distinction between us (Jews) and them (Gentiles), cleansing their hearts by faith.

 10 Since this is the case, why are you putting God to the test by placing upon the neck of the disciples a yoke which neither our forefathers nor we have been able to bear? (THE LAW)11 But we believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, in the same way as they also are.”

12 All the people kept silent, and they were listening to Barnabas and Paul as they were relating all the signs and wonders that God had done through them among the Gentiles.

In his speech, Peter was referring to the time Holy Spirit instructed him to Witness to a Gentile Roman Centurian (Cornelius), where God made it known very supernaturally and visibly so, that God-fearing GENTILES (non-Jews) who receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ CAN be saved and sealed with the HOLY SPIRIT in the exact same way as had the Jewish Disciples on the Day of Pentecost. Many call the conversion of Cornelius and his family the “Gentile Pentecost”. (Acts 10)

This was a VERY CONVINCING WITNESS. God had granted the Holy Spirit and the GIFT of speaking in tongues to Cornelius and his family, Gentile believers, WITHOUT requiring circumcision or conversion to Judaism.

Acts 10:44: While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message. 45 All the Jewish believers who came with Peter were amazed, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had also been poured out on the Gentiles. 46 For they were hearing them speaking with tongues and exalting God. 

God was making it CRYSTAL CLEAR to the Apostles….GOD is saving everyone (Jew AND Gentile) through FAITH in Jesus Christ, and NOT through the Mosaic Law! This was indisputable. The Jewish Law is not an instrument of righteousness, but rather, when applied to our life, it shows us our UNrighteousness. But the Law DOES define what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. It is not an instrument that makes us righteous, but it teaches us what is righteousness.

After this, James, the physical brother of Jesus and the head of the Church in Jerusalem stood up to speak. It appears that James may have been the final arbitrator and “judge” at the Jerusalem Council. In James’ Speech, we are taken not only back to the Salvation and Grace granted to Cornelius and his family (Gentiles), but we are taken all the way back to the writings of the Prophets and God’s original plan of SALVATION and RESTORATION as laid out in Genesis 1-3.

James’ judgement

Acts 15:13: After they stopped speaking, James responded, saying, “Brothers, listen to me. 14 Simeon has described how God first concerned Himself about taking a people for His name from among the Gentiles. 1The words of the Prophets agree with this, just as it is written:

1‘After these things I will return,
And I will rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David,
And I will rebuild its ruins,
And I will restore it,
1So that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord,
And all the Gentiles who are called by My name,’

18 Says the Lord, who makes these things known from long ago.

19 Therefore, it is my judgment that we do not cause trouble for those from the Gentiles who are turning to God,

James was quoting from Amos 9 and Isaiah 61:4, two of the Old Testament (Tanakh) Prophets.

Amos 9;11 “On that day I will raise up the fallen shelter of David,
And wall up its gaps;
I will also raise up its ruins
And rebuild it as in the days of old;
12 So that they may possess the remnant of Edom
And all the nations who are called by My name,”
Declares the Lord who does this.

I will also restore the fortunes of My people Israel,
And they will rebuild the desolated cities and live in them;
They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine,
And make gardens and eat their fruit.

Isaiah 61:4: Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, They will raise up the former devastations; And they will repair the ruined cities, The desolations of many generations.

The book of Amos has a key. 🔑

What key is that? James understood it. From the very beginning, the Ancient of Days, had a plan to RESTORE His precious Creation, His people and His Footstool (earth) to it’s original splendor as in the days of the Garden of Eden. God (YHWH) is actively working to REBUILD the ancient ruins, repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations. The fulfillment of this prophecy would include ALL the nations who are called by YHWH’S NAME. James is taking us back to the beginning, before there was a separation between JEW and GENTILE.

Interesting note: The word for “ruins” in Amos 9 is only used one single time in all of the Old Testament, Amos 9/11. (Rebuild the ancient ruins/”wastes”). The 9th of Av, or the 9th day of the 11th HEBREW month Av is when both Jerusalem Temples were destroyed (Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple). Do you REMEMBER what happened on 9/11 (11th day of the 9th GREGORIAN month) in the US? Two towers were destroyed (ruins), and a single Tower was rebuilt in its place. It has been noticed that the two towers SYMBOLIZE two strands of HUMAN DNA. The idea is that the enemy (hasatan) is PLANNING to destroy man’s DNA and REPLACE it with a HYBRID DNA that would REMAKE man into his image (image of the beast). Talk about RUINS and DESOLATION!

The Twin Towers were a representation of two DNA markers. Below is an image overlay for your perception. A single molecule of our DNA is present within each chromosome. Human body cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes and 46 total.

Jesus gave insight as to the makeup of the human body long ago: “Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days? But he spake of the temple of his body.” (John 2: 19-21 )

  • George Bush read Psalm 23 after the Twin Towers were destroyed.
  • Barack Obama read Psalm 46 at the 10th year Anniversary 9/11 Ceremony in New York City.

Coincidence – Amos 9/11?

One tower represents the wheat and the other tower represents the tares. Simply put, the wheat is the spirit of Christ and the tares are the spirit of disobedience (antichrist). The destruction of the Twin Towers and the construction of the One World Freedom Tower represents a planned DESTRUCTION of God’s CREATION and a newly established human host body where the wheat has been burned up and the tares have taken over the temple.

How do the tares plan to accomplish this? Through the mark of the beast, which has been prototyped by the Covid 19 Vaccine and Darpa Chip. These are meant not only to track and enslave mankind, but also to DESTROY the Temple of our human bodies and REcreate mankind into the image of the beast (satan).(REV. 13:14-18)

Will the tares SUCCEED with their evil, wicked PLANS?? Yes and no. The BAD NEWS is that they will be successful at deceiving billions of people into taking the mark of the beast and allowing their own Temples to be FULLY made desolate (unable to house the Holy Spirit) and desecrated (housing the antichrist spirit), completely destroying what God created FOR THEM. In-fact, this same antichrist spirit is already been quite successful at convincing humans to desecrate their own bodies by encouraGing sexual sin (1 Corinthians 6:18). But sexual sin is forgivable with repentance and the washing of the BLOOD OF JESUS (receiving the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of all sin). However, the Bible tells us that once the mark is taken, the person can no longer be forgiven. (Rev. 13).

The GOOD NEWS is that the tares will NOT be successful at destroying God’s creation and burning up the wheat. No…in-fact, the opposite will happen. The tares will be the ones thrown into the fiery furnace and the wheat will be fully RESTORED as God REBUILDS the DESOLATED CITIES and RESTORES the ancient RUINS (AMOS 9:11 – Amos has a KEY). The horrible thing that happened at the fall of man, where SIN allowed the enemy the ability to introduce his “bad seed” into man’s DNA was UNDONE at the CROSS (FREEING mankind’s SPIRIT from bondage to sin – HALLELUJAH!!) AND will be fully reversed at the RESURRECTION when mankind’s FLESH will finally be TRANSFORMED, RESTORED, housing and REFLECTING the GLORY OF GOD!

Now that is a reason to REJOICE!

Rev. 3:21: The one who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat with My Father on His throne.

Rev. 12:11: And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life evenwhen faced with death

Rev.6:1:  Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come!” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and the one who sat on it had a bow; and a crown (stephanos/overcomer’s crown named after the first Christian martyr Stephen) was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. (overcoming and helping to overcome)

At the council of Jerusalem, James understood that the conversion of the Gentile family of Cornelius and all of the Gentile Christians was the beginning of the FULFILLMENT of this amazing prophecy in Amos and Isaiah that we now know has continued for 2000 years (Age of Grace/Church Age).

Although the enemy has evil plans, he cannot STOP what YHWH (God) is doing! The ancient ruins are being RESTORED…the desolations of MANY GENERATIONS (6000 years)…..and it all started with God RAISING UP the “fallen shelter (TABERNACLE) of David”….The RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST.

Matthew 1:1: The record of the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham:

John 1:14: And the Word became flesh, and tabernacled among us (and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father), full of grace and truth.

Acts 10:40: This one God did raise up the third day, and gave him to become manifest,

From the very Beginning, God’s plan was to OFFER HIS FREE GIFT of SALVATION to ALL PEOPLE through HIS MESSIAH JESUS (YAHUSHUA). The Godhead (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) established this plan before the foundation of the earth. God KNEW that mankind would FALL into SIN and SEPARATE OURSELVES FROM HIM.

When all nations had fallen deeply into IDOLATRY (worship of demons and fallen angels), God CHOSE ABRAHAM and ISRAEL through whom HE would bring HIS MESSIAH JESUS to the world. What an amazing GIFT and HONOR for the Jewish people. But sadly, the Jewish people REJECTED their Messiah…which was actually God’s plan all along as HE ALREADY KNEW that they would do this. However, at the time of Jesus’ 2nd coming, they will RECOGNIZE their MESSIAH and mourn as one mourns for the loss of an only Son. (Zechariah 12:10)

Zechariah 12: 10 And I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and of pleading, so that they will look at Me whom they pierced; and they will mourn for Him, like one mourning for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn

We are waiting for the final fullfillment of all of these prophecies that were……

  • DETERMINED by ELOHIM (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) before the foundation of the earth,
  • FORESHADOWED by the Nation of ISRAEL,
  • FORETOLD by the ancient PROPHETS,
  • CONFIRMED at the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ,
  • BEGUN at Pentecost, and
  • will be COMPLETED at the RESURRECTION/RAPTURE and the end of the age and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

Isn’t it just so exciting watching God’s plan of the ages unfold?

HOWEVER, there is one more issue, a very, very important issue for the GENTILE Church today that was also determined at the Council of Jerusalem. It concerns HOLINESS. Jesus’ work at the Cross has RESTORED the broken relationship between GOD and MAN, HALLELUJAH! That same RESTORATION SHOULD lead God’s people to TRUE WORSHIP and KINGDOM LIVING involving HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and GREAT respect for YHWH’s WILL, HIS WORD, and HIS TEMPLE (our human bodies). Worship that draws us away from holiness and Kingdom Living is false worship and idolatry. Remember, worship isn’t just what we do at Church on Sunday mornings, it’s HOW we LIVE.

Jerusalem Council: The Four Prohibitions for Gentile Christians

Acts 15:20: but that we write to them that they abstain from things contaminated by idols, from acts of sexual immorality, from what has been strangled, and from blood21 For from ancient generations Moses has those who preach him in every city, since he is read in the synagogues every Sabbath.”

Acts 21:25 But regarding the Gentiles who have believed, we sent a letter, having decided that they should abstain from meat sacrificed to idols and from blood and what is strangled, and from sexual immorality.” 

As we read above, the Jerusalem Council was convened by the apostles to determine whether or not Gentile Christians had to keep the Jewish Law and be circumcised. The answer was a decisive NO, Gentile Christians DO NOT have to become Jewish, or follow all of the Jewish ceremonial laws, or be physically circumcised! To require this for salvation would be an INSULT to God’s SPIRIT OF GRACE!

However, the Apostles did come to an agreement that Gentile Christians ARE REQUIRED to AVOID those activities that coincide with IDOLATRY and PAGANISM (satanic worship – common in the Gentile population) – particularly those activities that DEFILE the TEMPLE. God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in TRUTH. Gentile civil laws already prohibited murder, theft, etc.  And Christian gentiles were already under God’s moral law to love their neighbor.  The Acts 15 conference didn’t address those laws. The APOSTLES only addressed the laws that directly related to PAGANISM and IDOLATRY, and the DEFILEMENT of the TEMPLE.

The four prohibitions came from the words the Holy Spirit (HS) had inspired in the Old Testament (OT)…for both Jew and gentile!  James said in Ac.15:21, “Moses has in every city those who preach him, since he is read in the synagogues every sabbath.”  In synagogues throughout the Roman Empire, Jews and God-fearing gentiles (listening on the periphery) would hear the Law (Moses) and the Prophets read year after year.

The four prohibitions recorded in a letter that the Apostles wrote to the Gentile Church in Acts 21:25 appear in the exact order that they appear in Leviticus 17-18...and are directed at not only Israel, but the “stranger among you” (Gentile). It is believed that the Apostles decided upon these Gentile restrictions that were already present in Leviticus 17 and 18.

  1. Abstain from eating food sacrificed to an idol (Leviticus 17:6-9):
  2. Abstain from eating blood (Leviticus 17:10-14)
  3. Abstain from eating what is strangled (Leviticus 17:15-16)
  4. Abstain from Sexual immorality (Pornea, Leviticus 18)

All four of these prohibited activities were common among the pagan nations that surrounded Israel, and all involved idolatrous worship, or worship of demons (satanic activity). Likewise, they all involved the DESECRATION of God’s Temple (the human body). God’s Word is crystal clear that darkness and light do not mix. Our God is a jealous God, meaning that He demands that His people are to worship ONLY HIM. When CHRISTIANS engage in pagan activities, particularly those that were specifically NAMED in Leviticus 17 and 18 and later DECLARED BINDING and INCUMBENT on GENTILE converts by APOSTOLIC DECREE (which was CONFIRMED by HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 15:28-29) and REITERATED by JESUS CHRIST in REVELATION 2:12-29) then they are deceived, double minded, and not worshipping YHWH in Spirit and in TRUTH.

There are two “types” of Last Days Churches that are called out SPECIFICALLY by Jesus Christ for violating the four APOSTOLIC PROHIBITIONS- the Church of Pergamum and the Church of Thyatira. Both of these types of Churches encourage the flock to eat things sacrificed to idols and engage in acts of sexual immorality. Are you shocked?

Who were the “Nicolatians”? It is clear from Scripture that the deeds of the Nicolatians were abominable to Jesus Christ. They, like the Gnostics and other false teachers, abused the doctrine of grace and tried to introduce licentiousness (sexual sin) in its place (2 Peter 2:15, 19; Jude 1:4).

Church of Pergamum:

Revelation 2:14 But I (JESUS CHRIST)have a few things against you, because you have some there who hold the teaching of Balaam, who kept teaching Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit sexual immorality. 

15 So you too, have some who in the same way hold to the teaching of the NicolatIans. 16 Therefore repent; or else I am coming to you quickly, and I will wage war against them with the sword of My mouth. 17 The one who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows except the one who receives it.’

Clement of Alexandria had this to say,

“They (Nicolatians) abandoned themselves to pleasure like goats, leading a life of self-indulgence.” Their teaching perverted grace and replaced liberty with license. (to sin)

Church of Thyatira:

Rev. 2:18 “And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write:

The Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire, and feet like burnished bronze, says this:

19 ‘I know your deeds, and your love and faith, and service and perseverance, and that your deeds of late are greater than at first. 20 But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

 21 I gave her time to repent, and she does not want to repent of her sexual immorality. 22 Behold, I will throw her on a bed of sickness, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of her deeds. 23 And I will kill her children with plague, and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts; and I will give to each one of you according to your deeds.

We are saved, sanctified and justified by Grace through BELIEVING in the saving power of the blood of Jesus. However, once we are saved, God EXPECTS us to live differently, in a manner worthy of our calling. The only prohibitions given to the Gentile Church at the council of Jerusalem was to avoid ALL sexual sin, along with eating blood, eating food sacrificed to idols, and eating what has been strangled. All of these activities DEFILE the body, that God has set apart for His Special purposes with the plan of COMPLETE RESTORATION.

1 Corinthians 6:18: Flee sexual immorality. Every other sin that a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.

In the modern Church’s desire to GROW, they have placed their entire emphasis on GOD’S GRACE, without any acountability at all on people. They are LYING to people, telling them that they can literally live however they want, believe whatever they want, sin all they want, and still call themselves Christian. They place ALL of their EMPHASIS on Jesus’ HUMANITY (social gospel), while practically denying HIS DEITY (SALVATION/KINGDOM OF GOD).

They do not speak about the BORN AGAIN experience that causes a person to WANT to SUBMIT his/her own will to the WILL OF GOD.

Three Church signs in my neighborhood this week, the ones they use outside to “drum up” business….stated the following

  • All are welcome, we AFFIRM ALL” (the emphasis on affirm, as in gender, and sexual preference)
  • Racism is a sin” (which is true, and yet it is literally THE ONLY SIN sin that this Church has EVER called out on one of their signs)“teaching Critical race theory”
  • “We are ALL CHILDREN of GOD(with a picture of a Muslim woman implying that all religions worship the same “God“) – To those who received HIM (JESUS CHRIST) have the RIGHT to be called children of God (John 1:12)

Jesus has this to say to the Churches who encourage sin and discourage repentance….

Rev. 2:16: Therefore repent; or else I AM coming to you quickly, and I will wage war against them with the sword of My mouth17 The one who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows except the one who receives it.’

Drag Queen Story hour at a US Lutheran Church

Many, many Churches are ordaining openly gay ministers, bishops and leaders. They are affirming all types of sexuality as perfectly good and God ordained. Some are even holding Drag Queen story hour for children! They embrace the world’s values instead of calling for repentance. They have FORGOTTEN or BRUSHED OFF the four prohibitions decided upon at the Jerusalem Council. false TEACHERS will be held to a higher account because they are leading the flock astray.

James 3:1: Do not become teachers in large numbers, my brothers, since you know that we who are teachers will incur a stricter judgment.

We are at the end of the age. There is an antichrist spirit in the air that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy God’s Creation. It is a deceiving spirit, and has deceived the whole world, and will even deceive the very elect, if that were possible.

Very powerful truth from an ex-homosexual who found Jesus and is now BORN AGAIN!

“It is the Love and the kindness of Christ that leads people to repentance!” Hallelujah! 💖 (Romans 2:Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and restraint and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?)

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