Back to school…🍁🍎

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As the long, hot days of summer close out, and a slight crispness enters the air, our minds turn to FALL (AUTUMN). The leaves of the trees turn bright oranges, reds, and yellows, there is a slight hint of woodsmoke in the air, and freshly brewed pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu. God often saves the best for last…and Fall is the most beautiful season of the year, right before the curtain closes…and we end up in the “long, dark winter”.

Best of all….GOD’S FALL HOLY DAYS” return, also known as “The days of Joy!”

These are the Days of Joy

Something else that happens as summer gives way to FAll – BACK TO SCHOOL. 🍎We understand all of the difficulties living in this “Covid age” with “back to school”…all of the concerns, restrictions, and complications. This sad turn of events seems to be a part of living in the Last Days. However, for many people, school is still quite enjoyable, even with all of the complications. And we say…Why should the kids have all the fun? Haha….

Beginning in about hopefully (God willing) mid to late September, we are going to offer something new at Dyingworld….a Bible Study Class.

We currently have about 300 in-depth posts and videos of Biblical teaching; however, we have decided to offer a basic Bible Overview Class. This will be a high level overview or “walk through the Bible” (From Genesis to Revelation) that will help the average person who knows nothing about the Bible understand how the stories all fit together, both old and new Testaments. We hope to provide printable timelines and perhaps a “work-book” that will accompany this course. Our goal or plan is to do this in about 3 one hour sessions or perhaps 6 thirty minute sessions.

This class will be a video course, but we may even do some live-streaming or zoom. We’re not exactly sure about what format we will present this in; however, we want it to be available to everyone. This may be brand new material for some people and a good review for others. We are coming into some very difficult times, the last of the last days, and people will be very hungry to hear the true Word of the Lord. The Bible itself will become quite scarce, a very rare treat! The New World Order will not allow Bibles. They will confiscate all of the TRUE BIBLES…and hand out some watered down, rewritten version to fit their own “truth”. So we need to learn and enjoy the True Word of God now, while we still have it in our hands. We need to imprint it on our hearts and minds so that when they take our Bible apps (which they are already doing in Afghanistan)..or rewrite the Word of God (which they are already doing in China), and confiscate the True Bibles…we will have it imprinted on our hearts.💖

Much love and blessings to you! Stay tuned, we will be in touch with more details as they become available! 🙂

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