In Memory of those lost due to greed

This is our site, and therefore I can clearly state it loud and clear for all to hear without the fear of Facebook or Twitter silencing me: the vaccine is killing people. Lots of people. Young, old, obese, thin, athlete, couch potato. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t discriminate.

The only thing left, now that our corrupt government, the WHO, CDC, and related global partners have successfully convinced billions that this is the way to go, is to pray for those that have received it and have not yet fallen ill, and pray for those of us that haven’t to remain steadfast.

So here is a memory wall, to remember just a few of those who were victimized by the devil, his earthly minions, and their rotten, empty, greed-soaked promises. I’m quite sure possibly on some of these there is an unknown cause, but seriously… 20-something athletes just falling dead? C’mon. God knows the Truth, and so do you.

High School Athlete Dies Suddenly at 16, Remembered for His ‘Everlasting Smile’ (

Charlbi Dean, star of Cannes standout ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ dead at 32 | CNN

WWE Legend Kevin Nash’s Son Tristen ‘Tragically’ Dead at 26 (

Former Green Bay Packers Tight End Tyrone Davis Dead at 50 (

Haitian singer Mikaben dead at 41 after collapsing during a show in Paris | Fox News

German boxer Musa Yamak dead after suffering heart attack in the ring (

Mississippi State University Football Player Dies Suddenly at 18, Just Two Days Before Birthday (

CA high school football player dies after collapsing in game (

College football player from North Texas dies at 21 after sudden collapse (

16-Year-Old High School Football Player Collapses and Dies After Suffering Medical Emergency During Practice (

Former University of South Carolina QB Phil Petty Dead at 43 (

Soccer star Christian Eriksen ‘was gone’ after on-field cardiac arrest, doctor says (

5-fold increase in sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA athletes in 2021 – America’s Frontline Doctors (

And to the thousands of unknown victims that don’t receive a highlight in the media, may you be at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ, and rest in his grace and glory. Amen.

I will continue to add to this page as I find them. May God bless and strengthen us all.

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