Writing your Religious Exemption

For those with deeply-held beliefs in God, these up and coming vaccine mandates can be daunting. They can impact our faith life in a very real manner, and even potentially put us at odds with our creator.

In this video, I tackle how to write a religious exemption. I do not give tips/tricks, and I most certainly do not attempt to shape your core beliefs. What I do express is that those core beliefs are what is to be proclaimed. We are to be honest and truthful in all that we do, even in times of fear when we believe our employment is at stake.

In this 17-minute video I go over what (in the United States) the executive orders mean, the deadlines, and what the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was meant to protect. Again, you won’t see scripture references to use, or how to “work the system” in this video. Rather, you will see the call to be ethical, honest, and true to what YOUR beliefs are, not mine, not your pastor’s, or anyone else for that matter.

If you are facing having to write a religious exemption, I pray that this video helps guide you, put your mind at ease, and helps you to focus on what matters in your profession of faith.

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I'm an avid motorcyclist who tries to follow the narrow road to Jesus Christ. The MM is for Motorcycle Ministry, because I try to make learning about Jesus fun, and often try to relate the act of riding motorcycles, and those related challenges, with the challenges we find on the road of life. Have a blessed day!