The Lurking Liar

October 1, 2018 MM 0

It’s hard to not feel like sometimes everything is crumbling away in our lives.  Our problems run the gamut.  It can be something physical, like […]

The Patient Parent

September 22, 2018 MM 0

If you’re a parent, your patience has undoubtedly been tested.  Kids can be downright difficult, and even infuriating.  Even the best parent can be brought […]

Satan has an allergy

September 18, 2018 MM 0

I heard a great analogy today from Tony Evans, and I just had to share it. James 4:7 tells us the following: Submit yourselves then, […]

Staying “Good”

September 11, 2018 MM 0

When you were a child, how many times, when you went somewhere outside of your home, did your parents say, “you better be good while […]

Why am I even here?

September 9, 2018 TFJ 0

Have you ever wondered this before, why am I here?  Maybe you’ve never actively thought about it, but perhaps you’ve had a feeling that life […]