Why am I even here?

Have you ever wondered this before, why am I here?  Maybe you’ve never actively thought about it, but perhaps you’ve had a feeling that life seems kind of pointless.  Going through the same routine day after day, what’s the point?  We start out as kids, grow up, grow old, and then die.  Right?  Maybe we have children and grandchildren.  Maybe we go to school, even college, get a good job, make lots of money, spend some, invest some, give some away.  Perhaps our life took a different path and we’re scrapping every day just to survive.  But in the end, we all end up in the same place…dead.  Sure, some are remembered fondly, even as heroes, but does that even matter once you’re dead?

My grandpa died of lung cancer when he was in his fifties. I remember it well because I was just a teenager, and it was pretty shocking.  We were all so sad that he died “so young”.   Thank God my grandmother was in good health.   But you know what?  Thirty years later she, too, passed away.  How could that be?  I thought that she would live forever.  But she didn’t.  Nobody does.  This got me to thinking….

If this life is all that there is, then what’s the point?  Really, what is the point?  No matter how successful, how smart, how beautiful, how rich, how poor, how famous we are, we all end up in the same place…dead.  And, it doesn’t take that long.  Man only has at most about 120 year life span.  Most people only live to 70 or 80 years old or so, maybe a bit longer if they’ve “lived right”.   That’s not alot of time, and believe me, it goes really fast.

Perhaps you’ve done something really valuable in life, invented something that made other people’s lives easier, something like that.  Maybe you’re going to “cure cancer”.  Is that your purpose?  It seems like a purpose, and yet, what does that really mean?  Because of you, people can live 20-30 years longer than they would have lived.  But ultimately, they too will die of something.  So, did you fulfill your purpose?

See what I mean?  If this life is all there is, then this is as good as it gets.  If this life is all there is, then when you die, nothing you do here matters because you’ll be dead. Who cares if people carve a statue in your name.  Do you?  You’re dead. You’re dust.  You won’t even know that the statue is there.  Maybe it will make your family feel good…but eventually, they’ll be dead too.

But….what if?   What if we dare to believe that there is life after death?  What if we dare to believe that Heaven is a real place?  What if we dare to believe that there is more than what we can see with our eyes?   What if there actually IS a GOD, a Creator, an Intelligent Designer who designed each of us specifically for a purpose?   What then?  Perhaps we DO have a purpose, a reason for being here.  Perhaps what we do here matters for us….after all.

You know, a true atheist does not believe in the afterlife.  A true atheist believes that when a person dies, they just die.  That’s the end of their story.  I always find it funny that many atheists view people who believe in God as “narrow-minded” or foolish.  But in reality, to believe in a God that can’t be seen, in a place called Heaven that can’t be seen, takes a true leap of faith.  It’s really the opposite of narrow minded.

Thank you for visiting this site.  Our hope is to explore these questions with you as we continue on our journey of discovery.  We look forward to seeing you back here when we explore the question “Is there a God”?  This is really an important question because it speaks directly to our whole reason for existence.

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My name is TFJ, which stands for Thankful for Jesus. I'm a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I have a passion for Jesus because He literally drug me out of the pit, washed me clean, and made me new. I know He will do the same for you, if you let Him.