In the beginning (part 2)

In “part 1” we briefly looked at the two schools of thought on what really happened “in the beginning“.  We debunked the theory of Evolution AND the Big Bang Theory as lies that are being forced on us by the devil 😈who is currently in control of the world’s systems (education, economic, political).  This post is to tell the truth about what really happened “In the beginning”.  

The Truth about our origin is found in one of the oldest books ever written, the Bible.  Actually, the Bible isn’t really a single book, but a book of books.  In 1947 a group of Bedouin boys accidentally found a group of ancient scrolls in the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea.  These Dead Sea Scrolls date as far back as 200BC and are the earliest manuscripts of the Bible that we now have on our shelves.

Up until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest existing complete Hebrew Bible was the Aleppo codex, one of the Masoretic texts, which was written in the 10th Century A.D., a thousand years after the Dead Sea Scrolls.  While the Masoretic text and the Dead Sea Scrolls were transcribed a thousand years apart, they are amazingly similar proving that the copying methods employed by the Jewish scribes over the centuries were very sophisticated and successful.

The Bible is an ancient group of scrolls that reveal the truth about our origins.  What does it tell us?  The first book of the Bible, the Book of Genesis (Bereshith in Hebrew) literally means “In the beginning” This ancient text tells us that God spoke, and everything came into existenceAs with all things God, He does this in a particular order over a period of six days.  Genesis tells us that Adam (“man” in Hebrew) was created out of the mirey clay (earth/ground) on the 6th day, when God breathed life into man.  God decided that it was not good for man to be alone, so He took one of Adam’s “ribs” and He created Eve (means LIFE in Hebrew).  We know this sounds like some “far-fetched story” but it’s the truth.  God created man and woman in His Image, and He spoke life into them on the 6th day of Creation.

One may ask, “Who created God”?  Smiles….The God of the Bible, the Creator of the Universe actually has a name…YHWH.  Some call God Jehovah, but really, it’s YHWH. His Name means I AM or “the One who has breath.” God has always existed.  He has no beginning and no end.  This is a difficult concept to grasp with our finite human brains, so the best way we can describe it is to think of a circle.  A circle has no end and no beginning.  God is NOT a circle (giggles), but a circle is something physical that we can visualize to help us attempt to wrap our minds around a Spiritual God with no beginning and no end.

In the beginning of created time, God Spoke, and everything came into existence.  Hang with us please, as we make an attempt to explain something that really is way beyond our pay grade.  According to rabbinic tradition, ANCIENT Hebrew was the original language of humanity.  In addition, the ANCIENT Hebrew language was thought of as the tool that God used to create the world.   Believe it or not, the closest language to the ANCIENT Hebrew (not modern Hebrew) is the Chemical Language.  For instance, we know that H20 is water and NACl is salt.  As with the Chemical Language, the ANCIENT Hebrew language is more than just a spoken or written word, it is substantive. 

At this point, we will just assume that God spoke, and everything that we see, and even what we cannot see, came into existence.

Please join us in our next blog when we discuss the Garden of Eden, the beautiful place in which God placed Adam and Eve.

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