Who is Abraham?

October 26, 2018 TFJ 0

We’ve heard a lot about this man Abraham, the supposed “father of three major religions” (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). Who was he?  What did he do?  […]

The Tower of Babel

October 21, 2018 TFJ 0

The Tower of Babel incident occurred around 4,200 years ago—about 100 years after the Flood but before Abraham was born. This was before ancient Egypt, […]

The days of Noah

October 19, 2018 TFJ 0

Noah’s Ark, so long ago, and yet so relevant for today!  This part of our History (HIS STORY) always seems to be portrayed as one […]

From Egypt to the Wilderness

October 12, 2018 TFJ 0

After leaving Egypt, and crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites arrived in the Wilderness of Sinai.  It was really more like a desert, with very […]

Feast of Pentecost

October 8, 2018 TFJ 0

God Almighty wrote His Rescue Plan for all mankind into His Seven Feast days.  The word used for Feast in Leviticus 23 is Moed, and […]

The truth about polytheism

October 5, 2018 TFJ 0

Theism means the belief in God, or a Higher Power.  Polytheistic religions include Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, tribal religions in the Americas and Africa […]